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Things We Saw Today: This Adorable Halloween Google Doodle Is Making Us Cry Spooky Tears

Spoiler: the power of friendship is stronger even than spookiness.

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Things We Saw Today: Jack Russell Pops Balloons in Real-Life Pac-Man Course

HelloDenizen shared this video of a Twinkie, the Jack Russell who holds the USA record for balloon bursting, chasing balloons in a real-life Pac-Man course.

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Monday Cute: New Zealand Penguin Named Bagpipes Receives Prosthetic Foot

Bagpipes the Penguin, who lives at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, had his leg amputated back in 2007 because it was caught in a fishing line.

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Things We Saw Today: The Glass Ceiling, A (Fake) Board Game for Girls

The commercial for a fake board game, made by Comedy Central, is a bit simplistic but it makes the point that it set out to do. That Privilege board game mentioned at the end sounds a lot easier.

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This 3D-Printed Line of Dresses Make For Stunning Futuristic Couture

Nervous System, a design and tech studio, has created a few different styles of ready-to-wear 3D-printed dresses; their most recent creation, called the "Kinematic Petals Dress," is the ninth dress. This dress, unlike the others, uses interlocking petal-shaped pieces hinged together, thus allowing for freedom of movement.

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KIDMob’s Superhero Cyborgs Teaches Kids to Design Prosthetics

"What happens if we address a missing limb as a blank canvas rather than a disability?" That's the question that KIDMob, a "kid-integrated design firm" non-profit, is trying to answer with creative problem solving workshops like Superhero Cyborgs.

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Things We Saw Today: The What We Do in the Shadows Sequel Has the World’s Best Title

World's. Best.

We're very lucky people! (And by "we," I mean the human race.) Not only are we getting a sequel to 2014's beautiful vampire roommate mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, but the sequel also has a very promising name.

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3D Printed Paws Help Derby the Dog Reach His Full Height

Engineering is an iterative process, as Tara Anderson and her team at 3D Systems know well. Anderson and her colleagues have been iterating upon a very specialized project: a set of legs for Derby, a husky mix with deformed front legs.

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“Unseen Art” Recreates Classical Art With 3D Printing for the Blind and Visually Impaired

DO touch the art.

"Imagine not knowing what Mona Lisa's smile looks like" says the promotional video for Unseen Art, an open source project that is making classical art more accessible.

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Two German Teenagers Built A Low-Cost, Eye-Controlled Wheelchair

Myrijam Stoetzer and Paul Foltin placed first in an engineering competition for German youths with the wheelchair design they built; it's an eye-controlled wheelchair with low-cost parts, such as 3D-printed wheels.

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Things We Saw Today: Harley Quinn Was Supposed to Be On Arrow!

But now, she's ready for her big-screen close-up.

It's not fair, Mr. J! There were plans for Harley Quinn to actually have a larger role on Arrow than her brief cameo in Season 2, but then Suicide Squad happened, and DC put the kibosh on it. (via Uproxx)

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UK Toy Company Aims to Represent Disabled Kids in New Line of 3D-Printed, Customizable Dolls

Just the beginning.

In response to Toy Like Me, a Facebook campaign run by parents of disabled children and calling for "greater diversity in the toy box," UK toy company Makies has expanded their line to include hearing and walking aids for dolls as well as a doll with a birthmark.

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Little Girl’s Amazing 3D-Printed Arm Only Cost $50

Now it won't cost you an arm and a leg for an arm or a leg.

When Faith Lennox was born, she had no circulation in her left forearm and doctors were forced to amputate just below the elbow when she was only nine months old. Kids like Faith outgrow prosthetic limbs quickly and they're very expensive - but now 3D printing has changed all of that.

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8th Graders Craft Frozen-Inspired Prosthetic Hand for Little Girl

You gotta hand it to them.

Ariah is a 6-year-old who was born without most of her right hand. When the robotics program in Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin learned about this, they decided that they would do something to help her out.

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Monday Cute: Miniature Pony Gets His Own Stable Periscope So He’s Not Lonely

Presenting Pedro the Petite Pony's Periscope!

If you find yourself mourning Lil' Sebastian on a regular basis, you'll be happy to read this story of a Shetland Pony finding happiness. This is Pedro, who couldn't see out of his stall because of his small stature. But the Ebony Horse Club got him his very own 3D-printed Pedroscope to help him feel better about life on the farm. Hooray!

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Things We Saw Today: An Up-Themed DogHouse Perfect for the Dug in Your Life

He hid there because he loves you.

Video series Super-Fan Builds has made some great stuff in the past, but this really warms our hearts. Plus, the dog's name really is Dug. It's so cute I can't handle it.

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3D Printed Rainbow Hummus Is Here, Doesn’t Need to Justify Itself to You

To quote Victoria McNally, "That is literally a Drunk Uncle joke."

Instructables member 3DigitalCooks uses icing colors and a Pinya2 (a 3d printer designed to work with liquids) to craft mazes, teeny-tiny buildings and beautiful, Lisa Frank-esque designs out of hummus. Why? I don't know, dude, why is the sky blue? Why do we wake up every morning? What if God was one of us? Accept that we can probably build a city out of hummus in 2015 but we don't have flying cars yet and move on with your life.

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College Kids 3D-Printing Solar Speed Racers in Singapore

Ever wanted to 3D-print your own car? Well, some college students have done just that.

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Tiny Octopus Robot Is The Fastest Underwater Vehicle Ever Made

Using mechanics based on everyone's favorite cephalopods (no, not cuttlefish, you weirdo), scientists from the University of Southampton, MIT, and the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology have developed what I am now dubbing the Hella Fast OctoBot, because why the heck not.

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New “Scotty” 3D Printer Is Actually a Disturbingly Destructive Teleporter

Oh God, please don't beam me up, Scotty.

In case all of the recent talk about artificial intelligence wasn't enough of a technologically-driven existential crisis for you, we now have a 3D printer that will "teleport" objects by beaming their specifications to another printer and then destroying the original object. But why destroy the original? Well we don't want any Thomas Rikers running around, do we?

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