3D Print Your Own Collapsible Cross Guard Lightsaber Because Star Wars Fans Are The Best

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There has indeed been an awakening, and it’s in the form of awesome fans who know how to create super awesome things. Case in point: these Star Wars makers from FabShop who put the cross guard lightsaber to the test by 3D printing all the components and putting it together themselves.


As much as I love the cross guard lightsaber and will make no apologies for its impractical nature (real sith lords don’t need thumbs, okay??), I have to admit that this 3D-printed version does reveal what will probably be a big design flaw for future toymakers who attempt to make it themselves—namely, that lightsaber toys have the tendency to collapse back on themselves in when acted upon by gravity, and here you’ve got three different blades all at perpendicular angles to deal with. It’s gonna be a pain making sure all of them are open at once, is my point. Like, I’m preeeetty sure the guy modeling it at the end of the video is having trouble with it already.

The full guide to making you very own plastic weapon, cross guarded or not, can be found on Instructables. You can also download the necessary files for your 3D printer at Thingiverse and Cults. Sorry, you’ll have to supply your own lightsaber crystal.

(via L.B. in tips, picture via Instructables)

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