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These Have To Be the Most Epic Dungeons & Dragons Dice Ever

A blue D&D dragon has lightning coming out of its mouth

A Twitter user has dazzled social media denizens with the unique Dungeons & Dragons dice set he’s working on. Author and professional DM Xero Reynolds posted a picture of the “dragon dice set” that he 3D printed and was now ready to paint. And when we say dragon, we mean dragon. Taking meta-design to heart, the dice are shaped like dragon teeth and are displayed on a skeletal dragon jaw. The overall aesthetic is so cool it’s little wonder that so many DnD and dice fans were excited about the tweet.

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After his tweet got some traction, Reynolds clarified that while he’d printed the dice, the model design was found on the 3D printing site Printables. The “Dragon Teeth Dice Set,” described as “A standard D6, shaped as a dragon tooth!” was created by ARS Moriendi 3D. The great news is that you can download the files to print the model yourself if you have a 3D printer, all for free. Such is the true magic of the Internet. If you, like me, sadly lack a 3D printer of your own but still want to score this dice set, you can use a service like Shapeways or Print a Thing, or hang out over at r/3Dprintmything, where reddit users with printers are primed to print for others.

Because there are few things that unify people online like awesome DnD dice, the reactions to Reynolds’ tweet were extremely enthusiastic.

In short, to summarize the general mood:

Interest in Dungeons & Dragons has exploded in recent years. Popular podcasts (and TV shows adapted from podcasts), a forthcoming movie starring Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page, Stranger Things, art books, comics, documentaries, cosplay, and more have boosted DnD even further into the mainstream. As more and more players join up, a common feeling that reigns supreme is that dice are great and you can never have too many of them. There are many, many professional DnD dice designers and sellers, where you’ll find the dice of your wildest dreams, from a set made with liquid cores to a set made with rainbow ice cream sprinkles. If you want to splash out, there are dice sets comprised of tungsten and copper, or produced in arcane shapes. But sometimes, it’s incredibly satisfying to work on a customizable dice set project of your own. And if you’re looking for a geeky, crafty project, could there be anything more epic than dragon-teeth shaped dice set in a dragon jawbone? I’ll wait.

(via @xerjester on Twitter, dice model set on Printables, image: Wizards of the Coast)

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