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A DIY 3D Printed Mold That Makes a Chocolate Model of Your Face

Hey, readers? Let’s be honest for a moment with one another. A little one-on-one session. No one else is listening, don’t worry, this is only the Internet. Remember how you once confided in me that you really wanted to eat your own face sometime, but still wanted to have your face after the meal, due to all of the benefits that having a face provides? Listen, I know at the time of you divulging that deep, dark — and truth be told, super weird — desire, I told you that it wouldn’t be possible and you’d have to choose between eating your face, or having your face. Well, guess what? With this 3D printed mold that allows you to make a chocolate replica of your face, you can now have your face and eat it too.

Flickr user eok.gnah has created a simple system where a face-eater simply scans a face, prints it out with a 3D printer, fills the mold with chocolate and waits for the silky substance to cool before popping it out and going to town on his or her bad chocolate self. Without mentioning the hardware, eok.gnah noted he used 123D to scan his face, tidied up the results, then threw that into OpenSCAD and subtracted the scanned face from a cube. The face then needed to be sliced into layers in order for the 3D printer to be able to deal with it, so eok.gnah used Slic3r, and off it printed.

Once the mold was printed, the rest of the project consisted of the very simple pouring melted chocolate into it and waiting for it to cool before carefully coaxing the hardened face out of the mold. It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t only have to scan your face using the above method, and can scan pretty much anything that can be scanned, like an arm, your warm bottle of Gatorade that you keep forgetting to put back in the fridge, or even your broken Wii controller that you can’t bring yourself to throw away.

(via Hack a Day)

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