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President Bartlet (and a Bunch of Other Celebrities) Beg the Electoral College to Do What the Electoral College Was Created For

It's not over till it's over.

Feelings of voting futility aside, the Electoral College does exist for a reason, and Martin Sheen would like to explain it to you.

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George Takei’s Allegiance Hits Theaters Tomorrow Night, Just When We Need It Most

A week from the seventy-fifth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016, George Takei's musical Allegiance will premiere in a one-day theatrical engagement across the US.

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Finding Feminist Submission: How I’m Pushing Back Against Non-Consensual Misogyny in BDSM

My husband says and does the most misogynistic things imaginable to me, and I melt like a popsicle in the sun. But after this election season, non-consensual misogyny has flourished in the kink community—and we need to fight it together.

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Steven Universe‘s “Gem Harvest” Revisited

On aspirational versus topical representation, and other heady stuff.

It's been a hard few weeks, huh? I hope you'll all try a little thought experiment with me.

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What Buffy’s Anya Jenkins Can Teach Us About Rage, Grief, and Strength in 2016

It’s been a tough year, and it keeps getting tougher. Here’s what we can learn from everyone’s favorite former vengeance demon.

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How I Discovered the Quiet, Feminist Liberation of Erotic Fanfic

There is a safe space that fanfiction provides for autonomy and feminism through an exploration of kink and sensuality, dominated by the written word.

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My Family Couldn’t Help Me Process the Election—But My Fandom Did

My parents aren't really going to be affected by the Trump administration, which meant I had nobody to help me process Donald Trump's election. Enter fandom.

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Arrival Provides a Blueprint for Facing Trauma

How do we go forward into the next four years knowing what trauma awaits so many?

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I Was A “Terrorist B*tch”: A Dispatch From Trump’s America

Last week, my usually uneventful walk turned into something completely different—all because I dared to wear the hijab.

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Why I’ve Been Replaying Undertale After the Election

Not the coping method I expected to use.

I imagine you can all guess the surface reason, since it's the famous "Mercy Run" game. But it ended up going a little deeper than that.

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I’m a White-Passing Latina, and This Is Why I Wear the #SafetyPin

Because of both my white privilege and Latina identity, I am within and without.

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Why Television Is Even More Important to Me After the Election

The comfort and self-care that has come out of watching these shows has done more for my healing than anything else.

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An Open Letter to My White Female Friends Who Voted for Trump

If you're standing by your choice, why won't you defend it? And to those of you who have been open with your admiration...what exactly do you admire about him?

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How Saturday Night Live, The New York Times, and Bernie Sanders are Normalizing Marginalization

What do a comedy show, a newspaper, and a former political candidate have in common?

Saturday Night Live made a joke at the expense of trans people while the New York Times and Bernie Sanders called for the end of "identity politics," a.k.a equal rights, effectively normalizing the stance Trump has taken on diversity.

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“Evil That Just Does Not Exist”: How Tegan & Sara Gave Me the Post-Election Catharsis I Didn’t Know I Needed

At their Orlando and Tampa shows, Tegan and Sara made several impassioned speeches about coming together in the wake of the election, and how wrecked they’d felt themselves in the past week. I could relate.

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Wait, What: Kanye West Said He’d Have Voted for Trump if He Voted at All, and We Can’t Ignore That

Last night at a concert in San Jose, CA, Kanye West stopped in the middle of a song to launch into one of his epic rants where he said if he voted at all, he would've voted for Trump.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Gem Harvest”

This episode probably plays great in the Berenstein universe.

I just wanted to recap a nice, comforting episode. Why this...?

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What American Feminists Can Learn from Icelandic Women About Making History

Like American women, Icelandic women comprise about half the population, and have achieved goals like paid parental leave for both sexes and higher education rates for girls. Their methods can work for us.

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#TransLawHelp and #TransCrowdfund Aim to Help Trans People Navigate Legal Issues

Many hashtags and help campaigns have sprung up in the wake of the election, geared towards helping trans people navigate the complicated and labyrinthine law processes within things like passport acquisition and identification document correction.

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Things We Saw Today: A Few Election Victories For LGBTQIA People, Women, and People of Color

Considering what's happened, here's a list of landmark firsts that we shouldn't overlook.

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