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If You Really Need to Get Rid of Someone, This Modified NES Could Come in Handy

Have you ever daydreamed about having your own theme song? Like, you walk through a door and suddenly a certain piece of music kicks in, heralding your arrival. I don’t care if it’s the Star Wars theme, “The Final Countdown,” or “Tubthumping,” it’d be something that makes people respect you, hate you, or at least groan. But you know what? This modification of an NES by Mark Rober might be even better. It’s an “8-Bit Annoying Person Remover.” Genius is what it is. Have a look!

Sure, it’s essentially a glorified motion sensor that plays a tune, but why wouldn’t you want that in your life? It seems like the exact kind of thing that every geek and/or nerd would love to have. You can even swap out the music based on what the intended use for the device is.

I’m fortunate enough to know very few people who wouldn’t love to have this charming person-removing device, which can alternatively be used to get the right person to stay, as needed. Here Rober pitches the clock — as designed by his friend Chad Grant — as an office aid which prompts unwanted visitors to make a hasty exit when time is running out!

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