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The Curiosity Landing, From A NASA Engineer’s Perspective

Even as a mere spectator, watching Curiosity land on Mars sent tingles up my spine. I was witness to one of the greatest achievements of my time, a culmination of humanity’s Curiosity. What then, must it have been like for the people who were part of it? NASA‘s Mark Rober shares his experience in a heartfelt video. Can you feel it? Can you feel the chills?

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Rober is an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and had dedicated seven years of his life to designing and building Curiosity. Seven years of building Curiosity to survive being shot into space and crashing onto another planet, to let us on Earth explore Mars. Seven years of making sure it survives the Seven Minutes of Terror.

Says Rober:

While my contribution’s small relative to the overall picture, I try to capture here exactly what it felt like to basically have seven years of your life vindicated with that beautiful phrase: “Touchdown confirmed. We are safe on Mars.”

In case you were wondering who won the office pool, Gizmodo has the answer.

Be right back, shedding tears of joy.

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