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A 250 Square Foot Glowing Mario Night Kite

If you were looking for a cool do-it-yourself project that involved showing off whatever you made to everyone in the local area by sending the project 1,000 feet up into the night sky, Mark Rober has you covered with this sweet Mario night kite.

The idea is actually pretty simple: Get a bunch of small LED lights attached to a tiny battery, put them inside colored, helium-filled balloons, arrange the balloons in the pattern of your choosing and attach them together. After that, it’s simply a matter of finding a clear patch of night sky, and letting the balloons fly up into the air. You can attach the rig to an anchor so the balloons don’t float away, and also so you can quickly dismantle the rig when the police aren’t too fond of your huge, illuminated Pirate Bay logo shining in the night sky.

Here’s some more information to help you do it yourself. Remember, the total build only costs around $100, so it’s actually not that expensive for how awesome it is.

(thanks Mark!)

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