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The 10 Characters That Should Really Be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If they were to add any other characters at the last minute (which I don’t think anyone would complain about), there are more than a few great choices for your next favorite fighter. These are the following ten characters that, if given the chance, would make amazing additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Smash Bros.’ Biggest Bug Appears to Be Back in Smash Bros. Ultimate

A new Smash Bros. game is generally cause for celebration, as one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, which is no surprise when it's a combination of all of their popular—and some not-so-popular—individual franchises. But for some players (myself included), it also means poring over every detail to see how the game is shaping up compared to previous versions.

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Waluigi Has Become the Unlikely King of E3 2018

With the big days of announcements behind us, we've seen most of what we're going to see at E3 2018, and gamers' opinions of what they saw are starting to coalesce—and somehow, against all odds, Waluigi is coming out on top.

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Nintendo Just Revealed the Ultimate Smash Bros. for Fans of All Kinds

Is Super Smash Bros. a fighting game or a party game? Is it best played in the most chaotic ways possible, or drilled down to its core as a competitive eSport? There are as many answers to questions like those as there are ways to play Nintendo's mashup brawler series, and the franchise's newest entry, on display during today's Nintendo Direct #3 edition, seems like a love letter to all the games' millions of fans.

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Fortnite Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Cross-platform battle royale phenomenon Fortnite's appearance on the Nintendo Switch has been long anticipated and, by now, rumored and leaked plenty, but Switch owners have been left with questions about their console's version, including its release date. Now, thanks to a data miner, it seems that the surprise has been blown.

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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo at E3 2018

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, kicks off next week on Tuesday, June 12, although Microsoft, Sony, and many other game companies have their big press demonstrations coming up as soon as Saturday, with Nintendo bringing up the rear in with its Tuesday time slot. Last but not least certainly applies here, though, with Nintendo pulling out all the stops to bring as many big games to its new Switch console as possible, as quickly as possible. Here's everything you need to know.

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What Are the Weird, Never-Before-Seen Pokémon the Internet Is in Love With?

Video game news is working itself up to fever pitch right now as E3 2018 approaches, with pre-show game announcements accompanied by the usual surge of leaks, leaving everyone to wonder just what we have left to see during the actual show. (Still probably a lot.) For the second year in a row, we got some pre-E3 Pokémon news out of Nintendo, including several new game announcements, but fans' imaginations have been captured instead by the series' past—a part of it that never happened.

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You’ll Finally Be Able to Get Your Hands on an NES Classic Edition Next Month

NES re-re-release?

Unless you were one of the lucky ones who manage to snag one of Nintendo's mini NES systems when they debuted nearly two years ago, you may have thought you were out of luck when Nintendo cut off the supply—or at least may have been left wondering when they'd produce more. Now, you've finally got what you've been waiting for, unless you went the eBay route and spent an absurd amount of money to get one any way, in which case, you may not be quite as thrilled about this news.

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Speculation Over the New Smash Bros. Announcement Is out of Control in the Best Way

Yesterday, at the end of a Nintendo Direct presentation filled with some great ports, remakes, and more for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, the company brought out another of its big guns: another port. Maybe, or maybe not, and that's what's been so much fun about the announcement that Super Smash Bros. will finally land on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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We Finally Have an Answer To the Age-Old Question: Is Toad Wearing a Hat, or Is That Just His Head?

Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi sat down to clear up some of Mario fandom's pressing questions: What's Mario's relationship with Peach? Is Toad's head a hat or a head? Why does Mario have nipples?

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Nintendo’s Mario Movie Is Officially Happening!

It's not in another castle.

Just over two months ago, news broke that Nintendo was closing in on a deal to make an animated Mario Bros. movie with the studio behind Despicable Me and its Minions spinoff. Now, the company has confirmed that initial report, and there will soon be another Mario movie in the world.

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Stardew Valley Was 2017’s Most Downloaded Game on the Switch Because We’re all Just Trying to Calm the Hell Down

Stardew Valley is incredible because it is relaxing AF. The planting/mining/wooing routine of your character's daily life is highly addictive and hits that perfect sweet spot of keeping your mind engaged while letting you zone the hell out.

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[Updated] Just What the Heck Is Nintendo Revealing Tonight in Their Surprise Announcement?

Cue rampant speculation.

Nintendo is easily the most secretive of the three main video game console companies, and they also tend to make a lot of weird decisions—some of which pay off, and some of which do not. The Switch has paid off in a big way, and now that the holidays are over, the company is looking ahead and announcing new products on the horizon, which includes a surprise announcement scheduled for today.

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The Best Black Friday Video Game Deals You Can Get Right From Your Couch

It's Black Friday, but it's also the 21st century, and Hell is other people. Rejoice! There are plenty of great holiday deals on video games that you can score right from the comfort of your home. Whether you're shopping for gifts or just want to get some great prices on games to occupy all your extra holiday free time, you've come to the right place.

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The Animal Crossing Mobile Game Is Now Here to Steal All Your Time!

The new Animal Crossing mobile phone game was previously scheduled to make its debut tomorrow, but it has arrived a day early across mobile platforms. That's right—you can download it right this very minute, and why not? It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. You probably weren't going to get anything else done this week anyway.

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Nintendo Reportedly Close to Animated Mario Movie Deal With Minions Studio

Did we learn nothing from 1993?

Rumors about Nintendo licensing their incredibly recognizable properties for movies and TV have been flying since—well, since the Mario Bros. movie tanked in 1993 and served as a cautionary tale for video game movies in general for decades. They've picked up considerable steam in recent years, though, with rumors of Zelda movies/TV shows and Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima explicitly saying that the company was looking to make partnerships to use their IP outside of video games.

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Mario, True Villain, Was Indeed Supposed to Be Punching Yoshi in Super Mario World

Sprites in video games were a frequent cause for confusion back in the day, causing frequent arguments over just what some of them were supposed to be. Before the internet, it was also a lot harder to hash out who was right, but now we have access to nearly endless (and largely useless) knowledge, and we're finally getting answers—some of them mildly disturbing.

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The Biggest News of Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Was … Mario’s Nipples?

Yesterday, in a Nintendo Direct presentation, the world saw more Mario than it ever bargained for—and I don't just mean yet another demo of Super Mario Odyssey when fans were really pulling for a more unexpected surprise. I'm talking, of course, about the debut of a shirtless Mario.

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What’s Happening in Today’s Nintendo Direct? Watch Here for Mario Odyssey, Switch News, and More.

Earlier this week, Nintendo dropped the news that today would feature a Nintendo Direct presentation, where the company has lately been announcing new products and more throughout the year, rather than bunching up everything at E3. With the holiday season approaching, the Direct is set to focus on what's coming to Switch and 3DS in the near future, but details are otherwise scarce.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Is the Remake Metroid II Deserves

8 out of 10.

The original Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus was a bit of an oddball for the Metroid series, with its largely linear gameplay and cramped environments, compared to the series' knack for sprawling exploration. It's been left in the dust by the rest of the series over the years, but the 3DS's Metroid: Samus Returns is about to change all that.

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