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There’s Already News of a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition That You’ll Wind Up Scouring eBay For

Nintendo's big thing in recent times has been releasing products that are near impossible to find, a problem that plagued Amiibo collectors as well as those who wanted to buy the NES Classic Edition console. With the SNES Classic already on the way, it seems like Nintendo's not about to stop there, as news of a Nintendo 64 Classic has surfaced before the SNES has even launched.

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Never Look at Mario the Same, Thanks to a Creepy Explanation for Mario Odyssey’s Lack of “Game Overs”

Game over, man. Game over.

It was already weird enough that a game existed about a plumber who stomps on turtles, eats mushrooms to become giant, and spits fire, and his propensity for coming back to life after death has been explored before. Mario Odyssey, however, added several new layers of absurdity, with Mario possessing people, dinosaurs, and inanimate objects, and apparently never arriving at a "game over" Screen—which got a disturbing twist once news hit the internet.

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Super NES Classic Edition Is Coming This Fall With a Previously Unreleased Game & 20 More

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition was a big hit during the last holiday season, quickly selling out and making scalpers tons of money. Shortly thereafter, rumors sprung up that Nintendo, encouraged by that success, was already working on a Super NES version for the following year. The all-but-inevitable has now come to pass with the official announcement of the Super NES Classic Edition.

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Nintendo Just Dropped Some Huge Switch Game Announcements Like It Was Nothing

Kirby, Metroid, and Pokémon. Oh my.

Nintendo's E3 2017 presentation—the opening salvo, anyway—was short, but oh boy was it ever sweet. While Microsoft's focus is currently on raw power with the Xbox One X, and Sony's focus is ... all over the place, which they can probably afford, Nintendo's focus is on games that will make people want to buy a Switch, and it showed.

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Watch Here! Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo’s E3 2017 Presentation

Rather than a standard E3 press conference, which Nintendo has abandoned in recent years, the gaming giant will kick off their part of this year's show with a "spotlight" presentation focused on Super Mario Odyssey and other games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Surprises will likely be minimal as the company focuses on moving Switch units in the 2017 holiday season to keep its strong launch going, but unexpected announcements are hardly out of the question.

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What We’re Hoping to See at E3 2017

We're just a few short days from E3 2017, the big ol' gaming expo that all but consumes the Los Angeles area for what feels like an entire week. There are quite a few big announcements due in the coming days, and here are just a few things we're looking forward to this year.

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Replay: Watch Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Pokémon Announcement Live Right Here at 10AM EDT!

Yesterday, Nintendo made a surprise announcement: With E3 looming just next week, they'd be announcing some Pokémon news today in a dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation at 10AM EDT. Watch inside!

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What Is the Big Pokémon News Nintendo Is Announcing Tomorrow, Ahead of E3?

And why?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 doesn't officially kick off until next week (with some press conferences this weekend), but Nintendo is preempting all of that with a newly announced, Pokémon-specific Nintendo direct tomorrow. They haven't been afraid to shake up the traditional E3 formula in recent years and bank on the power of their popular properties and this move seems no different, but what new information will it bring?

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What Would the Rumored Legend of Zelda Mobile Game Actually Be Like?

Nintendo is currently looking to beef up its mobile platform offerings with a Legend of Zelda mobile game, likely to hit shortly after they release their mobile version of Animal Crossing.

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Things We Saw Today: Hark, Some Wonder Woman Marketing!

Warner Brothers has released some new photos from Wonder Woman, almost like they want us to see the film or something.

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Play Old School Zelda With Breath of the Wild Gameplay the Way God Intended

One of the most unusual things about Zelda: Breath of the Wild is its truly open world, wherein you can make a run for the final boss right from the beginning, though winning that battle is another matter. That freedom of exploration is a lot like the original NES Legend of Zelda, which wasn't quite as guided and formulaic as later entries in the franchise, and a fan game has mashed the NES style together with Breath of the Wild gameplay for your enjoyment.

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Your Dreams of Owning an NES Classic Edition Have Been Crushed

Nintendo has a habit of making products outside of their main game and console lines difficult to find in order to drive fans crazy and drum up hype, as you may have noticed when trying to find specific, hard-to-come-by Amiibo. Now, the NES Classic Edition will sit among the ranks of legendary items, as well.

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Things We Saw Today: Muslim Rapper/Activist Mona Haydar Swags With Her Hijabis

With her first single, "Hijabi" (which she promises is from a debut EP we can expect soon!), Mona Haydar introduces us to a variety of women in hijab doing things that women in hijab do. Like, you know, dance and enjoy hip-hop.

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The Nintendo Switch Is Selling Super Fast, but Its Zelda Game Is Doing Even Better—Really

The Switch has been burning up the sales charts for Nintendo despite launching at an odd time of year for a new video game console, but that's not even the new system's biggest success story. No, that belongs to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which outsold the console most people are playing it on—without even counting its Wii U sales.

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Mario Run Disappointed Nintendo, but What Will They Learn as They Stick to Up-Front Pricing?


Super Mario Run—finally out on Android after initial iOS exclusivity—was a bit of an outlier in the world of mobile games not just for being the first real Nintendo game on smartphones, but because the full game was offered for a (relatively) high $10, rather than making money off of pay-as-you-go micro-transactions. That didn't work out as well as Nintendo expected, but they're not ready to adopt the reviled "freemium" business model just yet.

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Things We Saw Today: Kamala Khan Overcomes Bullies and Villains in Fan Film

It's no secret that TMS loves Kamala Khan, so I couldn't stop smiling when I saw this awesome live-action Kamala fan film! Watch for the joy of the fan film and the rage of asking yourself, "Why hasn't Marvel given this character a movie yet?"

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Switch Reportedly so Popular Nintendo Has to Double Production

Might be time to dust off your "it prints money" memes.

It's time for some good news no the home console front for Nintendo. It seems that, as the Switch has caught on with consumers and sold out all over the place—likely thanks in no small part to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild—the gaming giant is boosting Switch production to previously unanticipated levels.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Could Be the Reason the Switch Beats the Wii U

The Nintendo Switch packs a lot of possibilities in a relatively small package, but even after the system's seemingly successful launch, we still don't have a strong indication of whether or not it will be the success Nintendo is looking for. There is, however, one thing we can look at for an idea of whether it will at least surpass the Wii U: launch software lineup.

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7 Games That Deserve a Nintendo Switch Version, From the Wii U and Beyond

You know, for AFTER you finish Zelda.

After a long wait and an interminable parade of rumors, the Nintendo Switch is finally on store shelves today—or probably not, since they've likely sold out by now (but here's a guide to finding one if you're feeling lucky). While its launch hinges, as with the original Wii, on a cross-console Zelda port that's already getting great reviews, we can think of a few other Wii U games (and more) that deserve their time to shine on the Switch.

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Public Service Announcement: Nintendo Switch Games Deliberately Taste Terrible to Save Children. Really.

The Nintendo Switch is almost upon us (it releases tomorrow, March 3), and those with review units have been hard at work testing ever aspect of the new console—and I mean every aspect, right down to how the cartridges taste. That taste is, apparently, terrible, but that's just where the story gets interesting.

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