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Oh ‘The Penguin’ Really Is Our New Version of ‘The Sopranos’

After the release of Matt Reeves’ take on the Dark Knight with The Batman, fans were itching to see the new world of Gotham expand. The first step in that process is Colin Farrell’s Max series The Penguin, and each new trailer brings us closer and closer to a Tony Soprano vibe.

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The more I learn about The Penguin, the more I am convinced it is just The Sopranos but set in Gotham. All I need is the show to use an Alabama 3 song as its theme and I will be insufferable! Look, I already struggled because I found Farrell’s take on Oz Cobblepot to be attractive and this trailer isn’t helping me!

What we know of the story was limited prior to the latest teaser release. We simply knew that Oz is somewhat of a crime boss now that Carmine Falcone is dead, but this new trailer gives us a lot more to work off of.

Returning to Gotham after the Riddler (Paul Dano) blew up the walls keeping the city out of the water means there is a lot to unpack. I’m sure it is somehow on Batman (Robert Pattinson) that this happened, even if Oz does say, “Look at this, what that madman did,” about the wreckage. For now, it does seem like the series is less about Bruce Wayne and more building the Falcone crime family after Carmine’s (John Turturro) death.

And one of the family members we’re getting to meet is Sofia Falcone (Cristin Milioti). She probably had power when her father was in charge, but we’re seeing the cracks in the Falcone family in this teaser.

I’m into whatever Cristin Milioti is doing

cristin milioti in the shadows on the penguin

Sofia might be Carmine’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean she has power, especially now that her father is dead. Her brother, Alberto (Michael Zegen), is still trying to keep the Falcone empire alive and keep Oz from taking it from them. “I’m the daughter of the Falcone don but he’s dead. The family thinks I’m broken. I’m not broken,” she says, and oh no, I love her.

What I am instantly invested in is Sofia’s story. Sure, she’s not a perfect connection to Carmela Soprano, but she does instantly fit into the mobster world that The Penguin is giving us. She isn’t going to let those “old men” tell her she can’t do something, and watching the scene in the trailer when she whispers to Oz, “You kno,w Oz, people underestimate you, but not me. I’ve always thought you were capable of more,” I knew this dynamic was going to be something I LOVED.

I am truly and honestly shocked by how much this show does remind me of things like The Sopranos, and I cannot wait to see what the series actually brings to us. For now, I will convince myself to not dye my hair to look like Sofia Falcone.

The Penguin comes out this September, and I am fully aware I am going to think the Penguin is hot. It’s fine; it’s the Tony Soprano effect. Give him some ducks or a cigar in a pool, and I’m a goner.

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