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Geekend Roundup: August 17th and 18th

It really took me three weeks of doing these to come up with "Geekend?"

Geekend 3

How was your weekend? Just in case you decided to spend it in some way other than staring into the void of the Internet, we’ll recap what you may have missed in this week’s Geekend Roundup!

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Saturday 8/17

Pepsi-flavor Cheetos are now a thing, but only in Japan

Robo Thespian performed stand-up comedy for the first time

A Russian mayoral candidate is using a <em>Game of Thrones</em> actress on anti-rape posters

Instant beer is now a reality. Thanks, science!

Check out the trailer for Pokemon: The Origin

Sunday 8/18

You can buy the beer from Jaws in a the re-released can from Jaws

Sansa Stark adopted her direwolf in real life

Patton Oswalt took Twitter trolling to a genius level

A newlywed couple was hit by a camera drone and we all had a good laugh about it

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