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What Patton Oswalt Just Did on Twitter is Amazing

Patton Oswalt is very good at Twitter. #RealTalk


The above tweet is funny. I promise you. Out of context it looks like comedian Patton Oswalt decided to go on an Orson Scott Card level rant, but instead what he did was actually brilliant. Yesterday Oswalt sent out a string of tweets that pushed the limits of the medium, proving why he’s one of the best there is.

Yes. Patton Oswalt tweeted that whites and darks should be kept separate, but it was right after tweeting this:

Get it? Essentially what Oswalt did was introduce a sort of Twitter diptych. He took the idea of needing more than 140 characters to express one thought, and used it to make shockingly offensive statements that aren’t actually shocking or offensive.

Here are a few more examples:






And those are just some of the tamer ones. There are more over on Oswalt’s Twitter feed which you should all be following anyway. If you have any doubt about how great these tweets were, they seem to have sparked a #mancrush in Joss Whedon.

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