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  1. New Research Shows Sea Snail Teeth Are Nature’s Strongest Material

    Just let that sink in.

    There are sea snails that have teeth stronger than spider silk. Who knew? And why does it matter?

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  2. Blind Man Regains Sight After Science Implants A Tooth Into His Eye

    Because WHY THE HECK NOT.

    Because science is totally insane and doesn't care what you think, they've decided to go ahead and start restoring sight in blind patients. And because science is really ridiculous, they're doing it by implanting teeth into eye sockets. Yep, that's what you do when you're just that crazy-awesome.

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  3. Soon We Will All Have Diamond Teeth, No Grillz Required

    Let's just all agree to keep gold out of our mouths, alright?

    If you’re not a hip-hop superstar or Miley Cyrus, chances are you’ve never had (or wanted) to rock a diamond grill. Thanks to science, however, it sounds like we’ll all soon be wearing some bling on our teeth – for the benefit of our health.

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  4. Thoroughly Wackjob Dentist Wants To Clone John Lennon From A Tooth

    This is a plan that makes buying John Lennon's tooth in the first place seem like a sane and rational act.

    Does buying one of John Lennon's teeth for nearly $30,000 sound like a crazy thing to do? That's because it is. But it's not as crazy as the latest thing the man who bought it -- Canadian dentist Michael Zuk -- wants to do. Zuk wants to extract DNA from the tooth and use it to clone Lennon, which is the sort of thing sane, healthy people do, right?

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  5. Urine Stem Cells Used to Grow Human Teeth Inside of Mouse Kidneys

    Because sometimes, science is basically a Mad Lib.

    Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are reporting that using a mix of stem cells and mouse connective tissue, they have successfully grown human teeth inside the kidney of a mouse. If it pans out, the research could have huge implications for dental and implantation technology. If not, it's just another weird thing we can do to mice.

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  6. Chris Hadfield Shows How to Brush Your Teeth in Space [Video]

    At some point in their lives, nearly every right-thinking kid wants to be an astronaut, because being an astronaut is awesome. You get to ride a rocket ship, live in zero gravity, and dine on freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream, which is clearly the food of the gods. Being an astronaut isn't all awesome, though, as things like basic personal hygiene can get complicated in space, and sometimes even downright gnarly. In his latest video message to Earth, ISS Commander and Unofficial Explainer of Things That Happen in Space Chris Hadfield explains why being able to gulp down a mouthful of toothpaste is one of the many keys to being a successful astronaut.

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  7. 4-Year-Old Girl Has All Her Teeth Capped With Silver Crowns, Ends Up Looking Like James Bond Villain

    Why is that when we were children, our teeth were disturbingly susceptible to practically every manner of dental affliction, with afternoons most often spent reading outdated Highlights magazines in a dentist's office? Some of us got off easy during childhood dental visits, typically receiving a stern lecture on the virtues of oral hygiene and the Satanic evils of candy consumption. Others, well, had to endure having their cavity-riddled teeth bored through with a Black & Decker power drill. Either way, none of those experiences really compare to what happened to four-year-old Savannah White when she walked in for a teeth filling and left the room with enough silver crowns to make her look like the famous James Bond villain Jaws.

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  8. Fossil Bird Had Hardened Teeth for Crushing Hard-Shelled Prey

    While modern birds have beaks for eating, their ancient ancestors still had toothsome mouths, full of the sharp dental legacies of their dinosaur past. Paleontologists have discovered a new species of early bird, though, and rather than getting the worm, it seemed to prey on hard-shelled animals like snails and crabs. That left it with an evolutionary first -- a mouthful of teeth meant for crushing prey, not tearing flesh. It's an unexpected discovery, suggesting that even as some birds were losing their teeth to evolution, others were developing new kinds of teeth to help them become more specialized hunters.

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  9. Artificial Tooth Enamel Developed, All We Will Ever Eat Now Is Candy

    Japanese researchers have formulated a way to create a super-thin mineral film that simulates human tooth enamel. The discovery could lead to patches that could leave teeth looking whiter and prevent tooth decay, even for people on a steady diet of sugary snacks like, you know, everyone.

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  10. New Tooth Filling Fights Bacteria, Strengthens Your Chompers

    Getting a cavity filled is an unpleasant process by any measure, but what makes it worse is that merely drilling out parts of rotten teeth may not be enough to prevent future cavities. Thankfully, a team of scientists has developed an anti-bacterial fill to fight future cavities and strengthen teeth in the process. You'll still have to brush though. And floss -- my god, why don't you floss??

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  11. Sour Candy Not Much Better For Your Teeth Than Battery Acid

    Acid isn't very good for your teeth. Go figure. But you never cover your teeth in acid. Or do you? The Minnesota Dental Association has released a list of popular sour candies and their acidities, showing how many of them can damage teeth. Spoiler: All of them. But blah blah blah, dental health. Boring, right? Not if you throw in battery acid as a point of comparison. Those dentists know how to get some attention. Keep in mind, acidity is measured on the ph scale, which is logarithmic, meaning that a ph score of 2.0 is 10 times more acidic than something with a score of 3.0. It gets more acidic as you go down. Battery acid is a 1.0. Wonka Fun Dip power? 1.8.

    Check out the full, terrifying list after the jump.

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  12. Child's Skull With Baby and Permanent Teeth is Creepy

    On display at the Hunterian Museum in London, this child's skull has both its baby teeth and its permanent teeth, showing the extremely unsettling process by which humans gain their permanent teeth. Isn't it fun to know that we're all hideous freaks on the inside during our formative years?

    (Stefan Schäfer's Flickr via BuzzFeed)

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  13. Study: Stem Cells Grow Functional Mouse Teeth

    Chow down on this: scientists in Japan have used the stem cells of mice to grow replacement teeth that are fully functional when implanted into the mouse's mouth. The "bioengineered tooth unit," otherwise known as the tooth grown from the stem cells, was created by a team of researchers led by Takashi Tsuji at Tokyo University of Science. To make the teeth, the researchers removed stem cells from mouse molar teeth.The cells were put in culture in the lab to go in a specific mold that would guide the shape and size of the future tooth. When the cells had matured into complete teeth, the researchers transplanted them into the jaws of one-month-old mice. The transplanted teeth were fused with the jaw bones of the mice within an average of 40 days. At this time the researchers were also able to detect nerve fiber growth in the newly transplanted teeth.

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  14. Vikings Filed Their Teeth to Remind You They Are Totally Hardcore

    In 2009, a pit filled with skeletons was found near Weymouth, England. The bones were covered in slash marks and their bodies broken apart after death; skulls, legbones, and ribcages neatly sorted into piles. In all, 54 bodies were found in this gruesome horde. This was no modern-day massacre: Archaeologists determined that these were Viking raiders from the 10th or 11th century, and had likely died during an attack against the Britons. But it was what was inside the heads of these dead warriors that interested scientists so much. The front teeth of these Norsemen had horizontal lines cleanly filed into them. The lines were so carefully made, and so deliberately cut that archaeologists feel that they must have been made by a master craftsman. Someone, long ago, made their living helping young Viking men get some bling up in their grill.

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