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Sour Candy Not Much Better For Your Teeth Than Battery Acid

Acid isn’t very good for your teeth. Go figure. But you never cover your teeth in acid. Or do you? The Minnesota Dental Association has released a list of popular sour candies and their acidities, showing how many of them can damage teeth. Spoiler: All of them. But blah blah blah, dental health. Boring, right? Not if you throw in battery acid as a point of comparison. Those dentists know how to get some attention. Keep in mind, acidity is measured on the ph scale, which is logarithmic, meaning that a ph score of 2.0 is 10 times more acidic than something with a score of 3.0. It gets more acidic as you go down. Battery acid is a 1.0. Wonka Fun Dip power? 1.8.

Check out the full, terrifying list below.

(Northwest Dentistry via kottke)

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