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4-Year-Old Girl Has All Her Teeth Capped With Silver Crowns, Ends Up Looking Like James Bond Villain


Why is that when we were children, our teeth were disturbingly susceptible to practically every manner of dental affliction, with afternoons most often spent reading outdated Highlights magazines in a dentist’s office? Some of us got off easy during childhood dental visits, typically receiving a stern lecture on the virtues of oral hygiene and the Satanic evils of candy consumption. Others, well, had to endure having their cavity-riddled teeth bored through with a Black & Decker power drill. Either way, none of those experiences really compare to what happened to four-year-old Savannah White when she walked in for a teeth filling and left the room with enough silver crowns to make her look like the famous James Bond villain Jaws.

Savannah’s mother, Alecia, was distraught over her daughter’s silver smile, especially since there wasn’t much she could do to ease her displeasure over the bizarre dental procedure. Though Alecia initially argued otherwise, dental expert Dr. Richard Chaet stated in an article on AZFamily.com that their installation was necessary given the state of Savannah’s teeth:

“I did say ‘wow’ because she did have a lot of silver caps on her teeth,” Chaet said.

Chaet claimed that although it looks bizarre, all of those caps were necessary to fill Savannah’s cavities and to save other teeth that were probably deteriorating.

“This is a child who is obviously very high risk for decay,” Chaet said.

Fortunately, one dentist stepped forward and offered to place more presentable veneers over the crowns free of charge, allowing little Savannah to go about her day without ridicule. In the meantime, there’s plenty one can do with a set of sturdy chompers, like hanging from the monkey bars with your teeth alone. Now if that doesn’t help you skyrocket in playground popularity, then we don’t know what does. (Note: Don’t actually do this.)

(AZ Family.com via HyperVocal, image courtesy of AZFamily.com)

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