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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


MPAA Statistics Break the Stunning News That Most of the People Who Go the Movies Aren’t White Men

Every year at CinemaCon the MPAA releases statistics (report here) on the previous year’s moviegoers: What percentage of them can be classified as “frequent moviegoers,” how 3D movies do across various markets, whether the average ticket price has changed. Stuff like that. And, of particular relevance to us, demographic breakdowns. You might have to sit down for this, because it’s shocking: Far more women and racial minorities see movies than there are women and racial minorities in movies. It’s almost like there’s not enough representation or something. I know. So weird.


Oh Hollywood

On Average, The Top Women-Led Films of 2013 Grossed Higher Than Male-Led Films

As we’ve previously discussed, of the 100 highest-grossing films of 2013, a whopping 15 featured female protagonists. This figure became popular knowledge through a report by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, which compares the percentage of women working behind the camera with those featured on screen. Unsurprisingly, the numbers correlate.

Vanity Fair’s Bruce Handy had some questions about those statistics. Given Hollywood’s focus on getting as many butts in seats as possible, surely they wouldn’t ignore the preferences of their audiences. Could it be that the lack of women on screen was actually reflective of a purchasing trend? If we treat blockbusters like Catching Fire as flukes, is there economic logic behind the comparative lack of female-led films?

Spoiler: No.


Oh Hollywood

Let’s Get Mad: Center for Study of Women in TV and Film Releases 2013 Findings on Female Characters

Just a couple months ago, the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film released their report on the gender ratios of Hollywood’s workers, discovering that the ratio of women to men in various behind the scenes roles such as editors, writers, cinematographers, composers, and special effects supervisors has not changed more than three percentage points in sixteen years. That was pretty disheartening, but theoretically, men should be just as able to craft female characters that don’t play to stereotypical tropes as women are at creating relatable male characters. So how did that go?



Comixology’s Rapidly Growing Female Demographic Sounds Familiar

She’s 17-26 years old, college-educated, lives in the suburbs, and is new to comics. She prefers Tumblr to Reddit. She may have never even picked up a print comic.Techhive, on the female demographic average of Comixology, the largest digital comics retailer.

I’m guessing that Comixology’s female userbase (which has more than quadrupled since the site’s launch) shares a lot of demographic similarities to a majority of our readers as well. Then again, we haven’t done a reader survey since 2011… gotta get on that.

And, it goes without saying, if you’re new to comics and reading this, ask for recommendations in the comments! If you aren’t new to comics, post your faves.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Sif Thor: The Dark World Poster

If the movie gives her a moment half as cool as that smirk she gave after spearing the Destroyer, I’ll have everything I want out of The Dark World. (Superhero Hype)


Oh Hollywood

Less than 30% of Speaking Roles in Blockbuster Films Last Year Went to Women

And before you think “Well, sure, that’s less than half of what would really be ideal representation, but maybe it’s a sign of progress,” this is the lowest level of gender equity in roles in five years.


Educated Guess

Study Says: Everybody Thinks Trailers Show All the Good Scenes, Watches Them Anyway

Survey results of the day: half of us think that trailers give too much away.

The other half are bloggers who have to watch them anyway and have just given up all hope of every being 100% completely spoiler safe.


To Boldly Go

According to Math, the Worst Color Shirt to Wear on Star Trek Is Actually Yellow

It’s a well known maxim that nobody wants to be a redshirt on Star Trek: The Original Series. The proud members of Operations, Engineering, and Security are the space-expendables, the first line of defense, the… well the ones who always get sent down with the away party full of more important characters and get murdered by the space monster of the week. Like, all the time. But what if, instead of considering this from the viewer’s perspective, you considered it from the perspective of a crewman choosing a line of work? What if you’re just a redshirt, and not “this episode’s redshirt?”

Matthew Barsalou took this perspective and applied math to it, and lets just say that Kirk, Chekov, and Sulu might not be to happy about it.


Don't Panic

Panic: Total Number of Videogamers in the U.S. Drops

The medium of video games is still very young, and, by its very nature, wildly growing in leaps and bounds as new advances in computer processing and image capturing technology are made and applied to telling stories. While, like comics, they may still be something of a niche pastime to the mainstream, they’re still being played by two-thirds of America. And I would have guess that that number is growing…

If not for a new report from market researchers the NPD Group.


It Came From Outer Space

Research Shows: The Hulk and President Obama Should Team Up to Fight Aliens

Let this post be a lesson to you. Sometimes, when you do a Google Image search for some unrelated terms, the Internet has exactly what you need. Thanks Internet. You’re still kinda creepy sometimes, but I love you.

National Geographic, which, considering the precise purview implied in their title, you’d think wouldn’t bee to concerned with this, have run an extensive poll trying to figure out what Americans think of alien life, UFOs, and the proper personal and governmental response to an alien visitation.

For some reason this poll also included asking which fictional characters would be best to call upon if aliens showed up, which, understandably, has tickled our fancy. They also asked which presidential candidate would do a better job with it, and the consensus just might be Barak Obama with all the powers of the Hulk.