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Survey Says: At Emerald City Comicon, Men Were a Minority

Gender Bendery

After Emerald City Comicon’s doors were closed for the weekend, it asked its attendees to fill out a survey about the event, to see what worked, what didn’t work, and what they can do better or more of. In it, they gave folks a blank field to list whatever gender identity they felt most comfortable with, whether that be female, male, agender, “Wonder Woman,” “man?,” or “a nebulous glow cloud.” The results, once divided up, are quite revealing. More than half of survey takers identified as female. Even if (as is unlikely) all of the folks who identified as non-binary were guys doing so as some form of joke, women would still outnumber them: at the very least, you cannot say that women were rare or a minority in the community.

You might also point out that a voluntary survey is not a perfect measure of the actual population of the con, as undoubtedly some folks chose not to take it, skewing the results. That’s certainly true. All that this graphic might mean is that the folks who actually care enough about ECCC to want to help make it better were majority women.

(via Emerald City Comicon on Tumblr.)

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