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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Sebastian Stan


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Delivers Big Ideas, Bigger Explosions

Whether punching out Hitler or hanging up his shield, Captain America has always been a barometer for America’s political atmosphere, a reliable gauge for what’s on the minds of the nation. In his latest adventure, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he is again, standing as a voice of reason in a high-octane action drama that concerns itself with the all-too-pertinent debate of freedom versus security. Those who found the first Cap adventure distasteful in its hamminess will be pleased to know that CA:TWS contains nothing of the kind, being a grim-faced thrill ride with no time to talk and no room for cheese. The jokes in Winter Soldier are spare and barely land, a testament to the film’s hard edge. But, unlike some of its dark-and-gritty peers in the superhero genre, a touch of darkness serves this sequel well, working for its covert ops setting instead of against it.

Is the price of knowing SPOILERS a price you’re willing to pay?


If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Captain America 3 Will Be Released The Same Weekend As Man Of Steel 2

Some interesting Captain America related news this morning. The biggest? Marvel’s next Captain America installment will go head to head with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. Read on for more on that, plus details on the third film, and the lengthy deal Sebastian Stan signed up for. 


Elsewhere on the internet

Watch the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Livestream Right Here!

Just behind this jump you can watch all the red carpet shenanigans that Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie SmuldersSebastian Stan, and Hayley Atwell can get up to. Stay to the end for an exclusive clip from Winter Soldier.


hold on to your butts

Winter Soldier Gets The Butt Pose Treatment In The Newest Captain America Poster

Yes, it’s true. From time to time, male actors get featured in the famous “Butt Pose” usually reserved for the ladies. But unlike The Hobbit poster featuring Legolas and Tauriel swapping stances, Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan gets the pectoral and gluteus maximus emphasis in his new movie poster.

Previously in The Butt Pose


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Fan Art

Ahh, that period after the announcement of a new Doctor, when everything the new actor has ever said or done about Doctor Who is uncovered by fans. (Neatorama)


Good News Everyone!

Never Mind. Once Upon a Time Isn’t Recasting the Mad Hatter After All.

Remember how ABC was going to do a Once Upon a Time spinoff about the Mad Hatter without original actor Sebastian Stan, because he’s all busy being Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and stuff? Well, never mind: Showrunner Edward Kitsis must’ve realized how bad an idea recasting Stan would be, because he’s said they’re not doing it.


Curiouser and curiouser!

Once Upon A Time Has To Recast The Mad Hatter. Blame Captain America.

If you watch ABC’s Once Upon a Time you know they pull from all sorts of stories, not just the usual suspects, for their characters. We’ve seen a few glimpses of the realm called Wonderland but one of the people they’ve given extra attention to was the Mad Hatter (aka Jefferson). Actor Sebastian Stan had a recurring role on the show which is now causing the network a few problems since he has other obligations to fulfill. And did we mention they’re thinking about a spinoff for the Mad Hatter? 



Which Marvel Villain Confirmed To Be Returning For Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Considering the Captain America sequel hits theaters next year, it’s surprising we haven’t heard more about it. That’s most likely the efforts of the production trying to stay under wraps but what they can’t account for are actors giving interviews in which they spill the beans. Hit the jump to find out which evil-doer is back for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.