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The Cameos in ‘Ghosted’ Are Worth It

Chris Evans captured in Ghosted

Ghosted, the latest straight-to-streaming action movie on Apple TV+, brings us a love story between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas—which is already fun for fans of the actors who have watched them play enemies twice over now. Evans and de Armas starred in Knives Out as Ransom Drysdale and Marta Cabrera before they played Lloyd Hansen and Dani Miranda in the Netflix film The Gray Man. But the two have been at odds through most of their careers together—even if Ransom and Marta were, briefly, working together in Knives Out.

While the movie is about their love story and what happens when their characters, CIA operative Sadie and Cole, a farmer, have to come to terms with the fact that they actually like each other, it also has some fun nods to Evans’ career throughout the movie—mainly because of friends we all know and love to see popping up here nd there. I’m talking about the cameos. Now, if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m referring to. If you haven’t, beware, because I’m going to talk about some of the best moments of Ghosted as a whole.

**Spoilers for Ghosted lie ahead.**

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Sadie hides her CIA career by telling Cole she’s an art dealer, which is why she’s out of the country a lot. After their day-long first date, he promises her that he’s “like a cactus” and doesn’t need a lot of attention. That’s clearly a lie, and the two end up fighting with each other after he texts her 11 times (including emojis), flies to London to find her, and then gets roped into her mission—which includes a lot of familiar faces as “assassins.”

The Marvel of it all

The first assassin coming after them is one played by Anthony Mackie. Now, the first time I watched this movie, I started screaming, but when I saw it with an audience, because he’s the first cameo, they sort of didn’t react. Now, if I saw Captain America and Captain America talking to each other in a non-Marvel movie, I’d yell regardless, but alas.

Mackie’s storyline leads to another assassin being taken out by none other than Bucky Bar—ehhhhh, Sebastian Stan, and the two go on to clash. So, Cap’s best friends made their way into Ghosted together, and that was a fun nod the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

John Cho delighted me

John Cho, who is known for his work in many things, particularly as Hikaru Sulu in the Kelvin verse Star Trek movies, also plays an assassin here and hits Mackie with a quality one-liner.

To be honest, this cameo did have me waiting for Chris Pine to show up, so I was going through it. (Chris Pine does not show up in Ghosted, sadly.)

Evans and Reynolds

While the bulk of the cameos all happen in one sequence, there is one that is towards the end of the movie that I found myself waiting for and I didn’t know why. After seeing Mackie, Cho, and Stan all appear, you might think that that’s the end—that is, until bounty hunters are flocking to a restaurant where the Sadie is finishing a deal. As the restaurant is spinning and Sadie is just trying to get out safely, she’s confronted by Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds being in the movie makes a lot of sense, given Chris Evans’ cameo in Free Guy where he famously said, “What the shit?” in a quick cameo.

Ghosted might not be reinventing the wheel, but it is a fun watch and an overall good movie. And you get to see John Cho and Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan all fight as assassins while Chris Evans is confused as to what is happening. So what’s stopping you from watching it?

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