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  1. Oh Look, David Tennant is Narrating Hamster Prison Escapes This Time

    WARNING: Features cute naked hamster butt. David Tennant features once again in this clip from BBC Ones' Pets - Wild at Heart Episode 2, where a hamster decides its had enough of its human bonds. Watch, listen, and be entertained.

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  2. Watch a Hamster Stuff Its Cheeks While David Tennant Narrates


    Getting Doctor Who's David Tennant to narrate your pet documentary show - best idea or best idea? Oh look, here he is talking about dogs...

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Adventure Time Dog Toys for the Discerning Canine

    "Oh my Glob, get me out of your mouth!"

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  4. Dogs Sprayed With Oxytocin Will Sniff More Butts, Do Other Nice Doggie Things

    Use that information wisely.

    With a nickname like "The Love Hormone," oxytocin certainly has sexy connotations. But what role does the chemical play outside of reproduction for non-monogamous mammals? Science made a bunch of dogs snort love potion to find out.

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  5. Watch the Puppy Bowl Puppies Do Puppy Stuff on Animal Planet’s Live Puppy Cam

    Puppies are better than football.

    Not to play into the "Geeks hate sports" stereotype, but football is probably the last thing we care about. Especially when there's chess to watch and puppies to fawn over. While you wait for the actual Puppy Bowl to start, you can keep an eye on this live camera of the Animal Planet puppy locker room.

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  6. Eight Adorable Superhero Costumes for Your Small, Comic Book Loving Pet

    We've partnered up with Quirk Books to bring you more cute chinchillas than ever before.

    When it comes to Halloween costumes for small critters like ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters, your options are somewhat limited. As an owner of an adorable bunny (who was featured in Quirk's craftbook Microcrafts) and a chinchilla (who has yet to make his published book debut!) I feel the pain that small animal owners experience around Halloween.

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  7. Dogs Could Be Trickier Than Previously Thought, Might Not Actually Love You

    It's easier to tell on those that have adorable little eyebrows; mustaches still unnecessary.

    We here at Geekosystem have an ongoing argument about whether cats or dogs are better, and if you're really allowed to like both. Today brings some bad news for those on the dog-side. Turns out, dogs might be just as manipulative and distant as their defenders accuse cats of being.

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  8. Seattle Driver Sets New Record for Animal Cruelty by Locking Dog and Pig in Sweltering, Poop-Filled Car

    Technically, the car probably wasn't poop-filled before the driver locked these two poor animals inside it.

    Well, this is as good a day as any for your annual PSA reminding you not to leave your beloved pets locked in the car this summer. This friendly reminder is spurred on by a gruesome 911 call in Seattle reporting a dog and a pig locked in a car in the midst of the city's heat wave. It gets worse, though. When police responded to the call, they found both animals inside the car, the inside of which was smeared with feces. That was probably mostly the dog, though, as reports indicate that the large pot-bellied pig in the car was dressed to the nines in a pair of sweatpants.

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  9. Your Creepy Friend Who Acts Like Their Dog Is a Child is Actually Pretty Normal, Says New Study

    Your creepy friend who named their dog something like "Brittany" or "Aiden," though... that person is odd.

    Okay, admit it -- you have made baby-talk noises at an animal at least once in your life. It's okay, we've all been there. Sometimes it's just not possible to speak in rational, logical sentences in the presence of an adorable puppy. But apparently that's not where the similarities between standard parent/child and owner/dog relationships end, according to a new study released by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna. In fact, it's only the wet-nosed tip of the giant dog-shaped iceberg.

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  10. Protect Your Guinea Pig With This Set of Scale Armor

    Does your guinea pig fight dragons? Would you like it to be equipped to do so? If yes, then have we got the armor for you.

    Crime. Terrorism. Nuclear war. Cats. There are a lot of things to be scared of in today's world, especially if you're a guinea pig. If you're a pet owner who wants to keep their guinea pig about as safe as any guinea pig has ever been, you might want to consider a set of guinea pig scale mail armor, available right now for purchase on eBay. Redwall historical recreationists may want to take note and start polishing their tiny halberds.

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  11. LED-Covered Collars Are Great for Nighttime Walks and Puppy Raves

    Which reminds me: you know what the Tron movies needed? Dogs. They needed Tron-dogs.

    How come cyberpunk didn't become a bigger thing after the '80s and '90s? I had been really looking forward to growing up in a world full of LED-covered clothing and neon mohawks. I mean, I guess we still have those, but not to the extent I'd hoped. The HALO mini line of LED pet collars are a little more what I'd imagined we'd all be wearing, but these have the added bonus of keeping your dog or very adventurous outdoor cat safe and easily visible at night. Maybe if we get enough people to buy them, the company will start making headbands and dresses, and I can live out my dream of pretending I am an extremely believable replicant.

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  12. Attention U.K. Dog Owners: Win the Chance to Clone Your Dog

    As the Red Hulk has shown us, definitely nothing wrong can ever happen with cloning.

    Dogs make for wonderful companions, except they do this unfortunate thing where they get old and then die. Of course, you can always clone your dog over and over again, but who has the time and money for that? The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, that's who. If you and your beloved pooch are both U.K. residents, Sooam Biotech wants you to tell them why your dog is the best possible candidate for cloning, and if you win, they'll knock off 70% of their going clone rate just for you. How generous!

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  13. Nerve Cells That Make Petting Feel Good Discovered, Learn More While You Watch People Pet Cute Animals [Video]

    Neuroscientists at the California Institute of Technology didn't know what to expect when they started researching a new type of skin cell they discovered in 2007, but what they may have found is impressive and adorable -- skin cells in furry animals that are specially designed to register the sensation of petting or stroking. These new cells could expand our entire understanding of petting animals, and redefine cuddling as we know it. Keep reading to learn more about the cells and see video of them in action on all sorts of animals.

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  14. Furry Little Death Mills: Domestic Cats Kill up to 24 Billion Small Animals a Year

    Now that we live in a society whose cultural output is dominated by videos of kittens, people's gut reaction to cats is largely "Aaaawwwww." That makes it easy to forget that every cat on Earth is a nearly perfect machine built for the sole purpose of murdering small animals. Every now and again, we get a reminder of the fact, and the latest one is an estimate published in the journal Nature Communications this week suggesting that domestic cats in the United States are responsible for the deaths of 3.7 billion birds and  more than 20 billion small mammals every year. Doing that math, it appears that literally every second your beloved pet is not in you lap, it is snuffing out tiny lives with mind-boggling efficiency.

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  15. Killer Kitties: United Kingdom House Cats Threaten Local Bird Populations

    In a recent survey from across the pond that may dampen the Internet's unwavering devotion for funny felines, scientists have concluded that domestic cats in the United Kingdom are posing a serious threat to local bird populations, which has steadily declined over the years. Conservationists have since been trying to convince obstinate cat owners to be more mindful of their pet's hunting behavior and look into options that would prevent any more birds winding up dead on their doorsteps. If action to protect native bird species isn't taken soon, the U.K. is going to be known as the crazy cat lady of the world.

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  16. My Pet Clam’s Only Trick: Eating Salt [Video]

    A clam's no pet, they said. Get a pet rock, they said. Well, the joke's on them! Wonder Clam can eat salt all day and all night! Next, she'll learn "shake hands" and before you know it, she'll be catching frisbees and jumping through hoops. Soon, she'll be doing a victory lap in front of the judges after she's named "Clam-of-Show." They'll see who's laughing then. That'll show 'em. That'll show 'em all!

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  17. A Rocking Chair With Built-In Pet House

    If you need a spot for your pet to relax that isn't your lap while you're relaxing, then this Rocking-2-gether Chair may be the perfect item for you and your adorable charge. Designed by Houston architect Paul Kweton, the chair combines a roofed pet house below a regular rocking chair so your pet can not only be somewhat protected from the elements, but can also be gently rocked to sleep as you are.

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  18. Dog Owners Forced to Forfeit Their Pets in China

    Government officials in Jiangmen, China are banning residents from having dogs as pets. Set to take place at the end of August, the ban will require all current dog owners to take their pets to a drop-off center where they will either be adopted by people who live in rural areas or euthanized. The goal of the ban is to reduce the number of dogs in areas of Jiangmen that are most densely populated. According to the city government's official notice on "Strengthening the Management of Dogs," any dog owner that wants to keep their pet rather than surrender it to people unknown or sudden death will be allowed to apply for a license. However, it seems as though only people who plan to use their dogs for security for a warehouse or other business will be granted licenses.

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  19. What Happens When Your Pets are Trapped in a Box

    Ever wonder what your pet would be thinking if it were trapped in a box? Well, wonder no more. Hilarious and true to life, this graphic that explains the inner workings of your pet's mind is pure truth. Full graphic after the break.

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  20. Calling Animals ‘Pets’ Is “Derogatory,” Says New Academic Journal

    Agree or disagree? According to a staffwide editorial in the Journal of Animal Ethics, a new academic publication devoted to "the exploration of progressive thought about animals," the word 'pet' "is surely a derogatory term both of the animals concerned and their human carers ... The word ‘owners’, whilst technically correct in law, harks back to a previous age when animals were regarded as just that: property, machines or things to use without moral constraint." (Telegraph via TDW)

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