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A Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Parents Who Want Magical Backdrops for Their Furbabies

A cat tree a crescent moon kitty would love.

Happy & Polly

While I frequently call my cats a trio of buttheads (trust me, they are), at the end of the day, they’re all magical in their own way. With the holidays fast approaching, I figured it was time to do my annual search for some kind of cat treat that I could bathe in catnip so my furbabies could truly have a Merry Christmas.

Then, I came across this tweet a couple of months ago and realized that maybe I’d step up my cat gift game this year.

I am fully aware that my cats will probably be more interested in the box this pastel paradise comes in. I’m also aware that my house isn’t the level of magical required to house such a “Moonlight Densetsu” vibe.

I’m still getting this, though.

What is Happy & Polly?

Happy & Polly is a company that specializes in creating literal magic for your pets. While the focus is primarily on cats, there is plenty of room for good boys who require leashes and chew toys. According to their about page, they were inspired to start providing magically-themed pet accessories after meeting a cat caught in a downpour. As to be expected, the cat was brought home and now serves as a muse for the company.

It’s truly a story we all benefit from, since we now have the ability to create literal fairytale settings for our cats.

Christmas-specific items to deck the (cat or dog) halls with

As to be expected with the holidays, there are Christmas-specific accessories you can get for your pet. This includes collars, beds, pet bowls, and the Holy Grail of Pet Gifts: Christmas sweaters! Below are just a few examples, but you can check out the entire section right here.

Happy & Polly Christmas Cats

Happy & Polly Christmas Pup

Happy & Polly Christmas house

Not Christmas-themed but still very magical

If you’re looking for something that isn’t shaped like a Christmas tree, the rest of the website is full of items that’ll make your pet (or your Twitter feed when you upload pictures) happy. This is the part where I spam you with pictures of my favorites, but I highly recommend checking out the cat and dog sections on the website.

Here we go!

You need a fun-themed cat tree? Happy & Polly’s got you covered.

Happy & Polly blue tree

You want your cat to poop in space? Happy & Polly’s got you covered.

Happy & Polly space liter box

You want a galactic space dog? Happy & Polly’s got you covered.

Galactic Puppy

You want your cat in a bowl of ramen so you can be left in peace while trying to eat your own bowl of ramen? Happy & Polly’s got you covered.

Ramen cat

You want your pets to stop trying to eat your eggs in the morning? Happy & Polly’s got you covered. Maybe? I dunno. My cats are really persistent when I make eggs, for some reason.

Egg feeding mat

My point is you can buy a really cute drinking fountain for your pets so they stop trying to jump on the kitchen counter to get to the sink for water EVEN IF YOU’VE FILLED THEIR WATER BOWLS.

Pet drinking fountain

Be sure to check out Happy & Polly for your pet-themed holiday shopping needs. Oh. And post pictures if you get anything. It’s the proper thing to do.

(Image: Happy & Polly)

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