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Movies and TV Shows Have the Best Pets. Don’t @ Me.


Jon Snow and Ghost on Game of Thrones

Hear me out: What if the pets on Game of Thrones ended up sitting on the Iron Throne? A better ending, right? Ghost the Hand of the King to Drogon’s throne? Sign me up. I’m here. I’m ready. So, let’s talk about pets because, in reality, most of the time I don’t care when a human dies in fiction, but if you kill an animal, there will be hell to pay.

John Wick says "Oh I'm definitely coming for you."

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That’s maybe why Rocket Raccoon is my favorite character in the MCU. (I won’t call him a pet; he’d attack me if I did.) But, can we really say who has the best pet among us? Sure, Game of Thrones has some great ones, but then you just look slightly to the left and see all the Disney pets, and whatever feelings you had for Ghost suddenly belong to Rajah from Aladdin.

Don’t even get me started on Meeka, Flit, and Percy. They’re the real stars of Pocahontas, which brings me to a bigger question: Do we just like pets because they can’t ever really do us wrong? Our favorite human characters can hurt us and turn on us, but pets? They’re perfect.

Going back to Ghost, half our anger (or at least mine) at the final season of Game of Thrones came from the fact that it looked as if Jon Snow was just abandoning Ghost. Good boy Ghost did nothing wrong and just fought to protect Jon, and Jon was about to up and leave him. Luckily, though, it was fine, and they ended up together, but you get my point.

Remember Hedwig, the best character in the Harry Potter series, along with Buckbeak and Crookshanks? They’re great because they literally just serve as pets and want to be loved and to love their owners. Who knows? Maybe I just want a pet.

The only pets that are, maybe, not the best, are those in a Stephen King novel. Cujo and Church are not pets that I love, even if Church was a very pretty cat in the latest remake of Pet Sematary. So, maybe pets are just the best because they’re the only characters we can trust in movies and television.

Who are your favorite pets? And I’m sorry, you can’t say your own. That’s obvious because all our pets are perfect. Let us know who is your favorite in the comments!

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