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LED-Covered Collars Are Great for Nighttime Walks and Puppy Raves

Which reminds me: you know what the Tron movies needed? Dogs. They needed Tron-dogs.


How come cyberpunk didn’t become a bigger thing after the ’80s and ’90s? I had been really looking forward to growing up in a world full of LED-covered clothing and neon mohawks. I mean, I guess we still have those, but not to the extent I’d hoped. The HALO mini line of LED pet collars are a little more what I’d imagined we’d all be wearing, but these have the added bonus of keeping your dog or very adventurous outdoor cat safe and easily visible at night. Maybe if we get enough people to buy them, the company will start making headbands and dresses, and I can live out my dream of pretending I am an extremely believable replicant.

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The HALO mini will come in both a small and large size to accommodate your cats and big dogs. Or your little dogs and domestic tigers, if that’s what you’re into. They’re also easily rechargeable and come in red, green, or blue, so you can match your pet’s accessory to your preferred lightsaber color from the original Star Wars trilogy. No yellow, yet — sorry, Jedi Sentinels.


The mini collars will be mass produced and shipped out in late October or November with a retail price of $45, but if you pledge to the Kickstarter, you only have to pay $29. Pretty good deal for the opportunity to pretend your dog is from the future, if you ask me.

HALO has also produced a line of LED-laden belts and messenger bags for human beings who don’t like to wear collars but who still would not like to get hit by a bus while they’re walking alone in the dark.

Now, here’s a husky in a HALO collar singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” for reasons.

(via Technabob, image via Kickstarter)

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