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Oculus Rift

  1. Super Sensory Immersion Virtual Reality Game Helps Soothe Anxiety Attacks

    Sometimes you have to let it all go. Free your mind.

    Virtual reality has become huge ever since the Oculus Rift came out. Movies, scenery, games. There's a whole other universe inside the headset. It's no surprise, then, that people have begun making virtual reality games to deal with physical and mental illness. Deep does just that.

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  2. This Artist Is Going to Use Oculus Rift to Live as Someone Else for 28 Days

    28 days later...

    Seeing-I is a technologically-driven piece of performance art in which Mark Farid will be confined to a gallery to watch someone else's life flash before his eyes for 28 days.

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  3. There’s An Oculus Rift Project At Sundance Where You Experience Sexual Assault From Two Different POVs

    Despite what you might think, Sundance Film Festival doesn't just involve a bunch of indie films you'll probably never see and a ton of big-name stars in parkas (though both of those things are quite prevalent in Park City this week). Sundance also features lots of new media innovations, and this year the Oculus Rift is getting lots of play - in some potentially problematic ways.

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  4. Virtual Reality Headsets Might Someday Be Used As “Forensic Holodecks” To Map Out Crime Scenes

    I'd be suspicious of letting Barclay near one of those things.

    Do you have the uncanny ability to imagine exactly how a violent crime might have taken place with very little spatial information to go on? If so, then you might be Will Graham, and we're very sorry about that. For everyone else, being on a jury could one day involve strapping an Oculus Rift to your face and watching a crime reenactment play out in real time.

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  5. Dying Light‘s Oculus Rift Support Is a Perfect Fit for the Game and VR

    Techland's (Dead Island, Call of JuarezDying Light is an open world zombie game all about freedom in moving around the environment to escape your imminent doom at the bloody hands of the infected. If that kind of huge, open world ready for exploration seems like a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift, that's probably because it is.

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  6. Go Get Amazed by Interstellar’s Traveling Oculus Rift Experience. I Sure Was.

    Outer space should definitely be first on your list of places you'd like to go with VR.

    Interstellar doesn't hit theaters until early November, but IMAX and Oculus Rift have teamed up to bring space to a few movie theaters across the country. We tried it, and if you're near one of the locations they'll visit, it's well worth it both for an Oculus Rift demo and the sensation of actually traveling to outer space.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Disney Princess Pile of Rocks

    "They're not ROCKS, Flounder, they're MINERALS!"

    This is it, friends. We've finally hit peak Disney Princess. Anyway, who's your favorite? Normally I'm into Sedimentary Beauty, but I really like the design of Stone White, here. Thanks, Kevin Bolk!

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  8. Welp, What A Surprise: New Oculus Rift Boob-Grabbing Game Endorses Non-Consensual Touching

    Social Justice Warriors, let our powers combine!

    According to Rocket News 24, one "resourceful" Internet user has taken it upon himself to MacGyver a boob-grabbing game using an Oculus Rift, a novelty mouse pad, and a lady apparently animated to appear nonconsenting. Sigh. Boobs trump "women are hard to animate," I guess.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: How To Assemble Your Ikea Xenomorph

    In space, no one can hear you screw!

    Cartoonist Ed Harrington has a series of IKEA-style instructions for assembling beloved movie monsters.

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  10. Comic-Con Goers Get To Pretend They Are Jaeger Pilots Thanks to the Oculus Rift


    God damn it, San Diego Comic-Con. We can handle being away from the collectible toys, the incredible panels, and even Wonder Woman herself. But jaeger pilot simulations? This in untoward, Comic-Con! Do you hear me? This is not toward!

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  11. Chuck E.Cheese Getting in On the Oculus Rift Game, Premiering Virtual Blaster Experience

    "Oh, you want to virtually go. That's fine then." - Dads of America

    In addition to ball pits, pizza parties and millions of parents regretting their decision to procreate, visitors to Chuck E. Cheese will now have access to an eerie virtual reality populated only by the poor man's Mickey Mouse.

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  12. Oculus Rift Keeps Getting Weirder With a Full Body Bird Simulation Ride: Birdly

    Now we just need a Rift port of Flappy Bird.

    The Rift has the potential to let humans experience new things through virtual reality. It's great when paired with a VR treadmill like the Virtuix Omni, but that wasn't going quite far enough for the team behind Birdly. They built a machine that pairs with the Oculus Rift to make you really feel like one of our fine feathered friends.

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  13. Oculus Rift Users Experience What Real Life Would Be Like With Lag

    Frustrating, confusing, and dangerous. Pretty much par for the course.

    If you had any doubts that experiencing lag in real life would suck even more than it does online, several brave Oculus Rift users agreed to experience simulated lag of up to three seconds while attempting to perform daily tasks as part of this ad for Spoiler alert: it looks horrible.

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  14. Find Out What It’s Like To Speed Around From Sonic’s POV With The Oculus Rift

    Spoiler alert: it's pukey.

    So we've established that you're probably going to suck at virtual reality gaming for a while - you need to stop getting motion sick long enough to, you know, actually play. Here's a game for the Oculus that will definitely not help with that - it's Sonic the Hedgehog. In first-person.

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  15. Oculus Rift Gets Disassembled to Drop Some Facts in Latest Vsauce Video

    You can learn a lot about something by taking it apart. Or letting Jake Roper do it for you.

    Jake Roper from Vsauce3 just emailed us the latest video in his "Fact Surgery" series of stop-motion videos disassembling gaming systems and uncovering facts about them in the process. This time around he takes apart the Oculus Rift. In the email he also assured us that we "R Fresh 2 Death." Thanks. We think.

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  16. Move Over, Twitch Plays Pokémon: The New Hotness Is Virtuix Omni Pokémon

    Where the tall grass is actually tall.

    Fighting with thousands of other onlookers just to get your player character to move in the right direction? Pffft. That's so two months ago. Now we'd rather play Pokémon the way that God and Nature intended: by trotting about on an itty bitty treadmill.

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  17. Kickstarter Backers Are Mad at Oculus Over Facebook Deal, But Maybe Everyone Should Just Chill Out

    Too bad the Internet is fueled by pure fan rage.

    Man, people are really upset over the whole Oculus Rift/Facebook deal, and perhaps most understandably, their backers on Kickstarter are feeling the most betrayed. Still, maybe we should all pause for a moment of sanity before making any Vines of throwing a Rift in the garbage.

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  18. Celebrate the Facebook Oculus Rift Deal with the White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rift Tumblr

    Because why not?

    Facebook just bought virtual reality company Oculus Rift for two billion dollars. That's billions. With a B. You can listen to more of the details on their investor call today at 6:15PM EDT which is in just a few minutes, but until then you can check out the White Guys Wearin' Oculus Rifts Tumblr to celebrate.

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  19. Virtual Reality is Coming and You Are Going To Suck At It, Says PBS Game/Show


    The growth of the oculus rift is incredibly exciting, but it's totally going to explode your brain when you put it on, because we have a harder time distinguishing between virtual reality and actual reality than we previously thought. So how's this going to affect our gaming abilities? PBS Game/Show attempts to explain.

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  20. “Jerry’s Place VR” Lets You Explore Seinfeld’s Apartment With an Oculus Rift Headset

    Just don't try to burst through the door like Kramer does, because the door does not really exist.

    Do you wish that you and your friends were so compelling and interesting that you could talk about nothing on broadcast television for nine years and get Emmy's for it? Do you also wish you lived in an apartment that transcends the rules of modern urban planning? Have we got the virtual reality program for you!

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