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Ubisoft Prepares to Unveil Star Trek VR Game at E3

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available starting this fall.


Think of it as your very own Starfleet simulator–if you’ve ever wanted to be the captain, work in communications or down in the engine room, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will help you get one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. Ubisoft is gearing up to unveil its new Star Trek virtual reality game at E3 tomorrow, and the Associated Press was on hand to watch some of the series’ actors like Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan and LeVar Burton test out the game for a video that will be screening at the unveiling.

Up to four players can interact in the experience, which has your characters on the bridge of the starship Aegis plotting through different missions and trying to figure out how best to make it through. The overall storyline of the game is set within the Abrams-era of Star Trek films, wherein you and your fellow crew members are tasked with finding a new home for the Vulcan people after theirs was destroyed in the first film. Some of the game’s missions revolve around the overarching story, while others are randomly generated. (Will there be a Kobayashi Maru-type situation? Only time will tell.) And there’s really no one way to accomplish a mission–it all depends on how you tailor your approach.

One of the pluses of the game is that you have the ability to choose any ethnicity or gender for your character–something Burton was particularly delighted by when he discovered he could be a female captain: “That’s what Star Trek is all about. It’s infinite diversity in infinite combinations and a respect for all life. I think it’s great to be able to role-play.”

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available this fall for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

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