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  1. Things We Saw Today: SCYTHER! (Translation: This Is The Best Lady Scyther Pokémon Cosplay Ever)

    Scyther scy!

    This Scyther outfit by Termina Cosplay might take the Pokémon cosplay cake. Seriously, how bad-ass does she look? I wouldn't even trust my Charmander against her. (via Fashionably Geek, photo by Reid Brazel)

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  2. The Cats In Assassin’s Kitty Unity Are Cute, But Deadly

    Meow is the moment of your demise!

    Sure, Assassin's Creed games are pretty fun, but you know what would make them better? The same thing that makes literally everything better: kitties. Keep in mind, though, these are definitely all boy cats. Lady cats, their bone structure is just too hard to animate. I heard they did hire a parkour expert to train the boy cats, though, so there's that.

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  3. Monday Cute: Tiny Kittens Playing With A Tiny Kitten Puppet


    If you're anything like me, sometimes the only thing that will get you out of bed on a Monday morning is tiny, adorable kitten videos on YouTube. So here; please enjoy this clip of tiny kittens playing with a plushie puppet version of themselves. Skip up to 45 seconds to see the real kitteny goodness start. And good luck with your week, lovely readers.

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  4. Adorable Kittens Actually Make the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Fun to Watch

    "Look at my abs!"

    Kittens make everything better! Well, in the case of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, maybe "better" isn't the right terminology, because I don't want to imply that the real trailer was actually good. This one from Pet Collective sure is, though.

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  5. Monday Cute: Tiny Kitten Very Upset About Magic Carpet Ride

    A whole new --wait, where are you going?

    Aladdin tried to convince Fluffy that he could show her the world, but neither she nor the carpet were having it. Which, to be fair, is probably for the best when one of your potential passengers has claws.

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  6. It’s Friday, So Here are Some Kittens Named After Hitchhiker’s Guide Characters

    Zaphod's just this cat, you know?

    Remember the Foster Kitten Cam? It's a project by Oregon-based computer programmer John Bartlett, who puts up free streaming video of the kittens he regularly fosters so we can all ogle their cuteness. His latest litter is set to go to their forever homes pretty soon, but oh my gosh they are named after Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy characters and just LOOKIT LITTLE TRILLIAN D'AW.

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  7. This Video Has Kittens With X-Men Powers. That’s Really All We Needed To Know.


    I don't know about you guys, but this weekend has left me in dire need of kittens. If they're kittens with mutant superpowers, so much the better. Though, to be honest, I think cat scratches are bad enough without Adamantium thrown into the mix. (via Geekosystem)

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  8. X-Men Is Scientifically Proven to be Better With Kittens [Video]

    I have literal kitty pride right now.

    Now, don't try to follow the train of logic that suggests kittens have mutant superpowers but are still not able to open a bag of food by themselves. Is not as if cats wouldn't make us fetch their food as a play for dominance anyway even if they did have opposable thumbs. Besides, teleporting Nightcrawler kitty!

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  9. Whac-A-Mole With Adorable Kittens Is What Every Monday Needs

    If they fits, I hits.

    Monday is the worst, but a box of kittens is the best. Then, you throw in a squishy Whac-A-Mole mallet and try to keep the confused kittens in the box, and you've got yourself the anti-Monday. Of course, it has to be kittens for maximum adorableness, and because once they grow too big for it, they'll be trying in vain to get into the box.

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  10. Kittyo Lets You Spy On Your Cat When You’re Not Home Because Technology Is All About Cats Now

    Your cat is too smart to let know that it's plotting world domination.

    You know we've been given too much power when we can drive our cats insane with a laser while we're not home. Cats probably don't miss us as much as we miss them, but with Kittyo, you can keep them entertained, while keeping an eye on them through an app with your iPhone or Android device. If anything, it's more entertaining for the owners.

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