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Things We Saw Today: Dementors Are Suckers For Kittens

Things We Saw Today

Probably not the most effective patronus charm when all you want to do is love it forever. (By Adam Koford via Comics Alliance)

Vital information for your everyday life: There is a Firefly marathon on July 4th on the Science Channel beginning at 8:00 AM. This guy will be hanging out, waiting for you to show up. (Via Whedonesque)

Remember that Monty Python movie we told you about, with the puppets and the animation, and the controversy that surrounded the release of Life of Brian? Yeah, Stephen Fry is going to play God in that. Holy crap indeed. (At Twitch)

And did you hear about the movie being made out of that baby panda sneezing? Well, did you ever stop to think that Neil Gaiman might have something to do with this? (Since he wrote a book about a sneezing baby panda?)

… [S]uddenly, it became a goal of mine that was almost a little obsession to write a children’s picture book that would be published in Mainland China, that they could not help but publish, but still could have all of the things that are in my children’s picture books, and I did it. I wrote this book and it’s being painted right now by this wonderful artist, and it’s called Chu’s Day, and it is about a baby panda who sneezes. There is no way that anyone can resist a baby panda who sneezes. This is the single cutest book I’ve ever written. It is written for two-year-olds and is designed in such a way that I’ve tried it on kids and it actually works that when you get to the end, they just look at you and they say, “Read it again!” The only words on page one are, “When Chu sneezed, bad things happened.”

(At Collider)

Like counting the rings of an ancient redwood tree, I am going to date myself: When I was a little girl, I remember watching The Bionic Woman, and the thing that came to mind was not how pretty she would look in a variety of clothes. It was “She has a machine inside of her” when she peeled her human flesh away from her bionic knee. (At Boing Boing)

This is not only a good tattoo, it’s true dedication to culty Nickelodeon shows of the ’90s. We salute you. And Petunia. (At Diary of a Death Starlette)

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