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  1. Weekend Getaway: Journey

    Featuring games you can finish in one weekend!

    Video Games are wonderful, but they can also be very, very long. Many of us simply don’t have the time to play massive games like Skyrim or Minecraft for hundreds of hours, no matter how badly we want to. That’s why every week, here on our new series Weekend Getaway, we’re going to recommend a great game that you can finish in less than 10 hours, free of spoilers, and discuss it in the comments below. This week’s game is the emotional indie phenomenon Journey.

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  2. Stop What You Are Doing And Behold This Beautiful, Geeky Art Show


    This is one of those rare times that I regret moving away from Southern California. Hero Complex Gallery, located in Los Angeles, is currently hosting a gorgeous joint exhibition by artists Meghan Stratman and Nicole Gustafsson. Adventure Show features paper art and illustration with a heavy dose of geek culture. In other words, everything I love. For those who can't attend in person (sob), feast your eyes here.

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  3. The Adorable Fanart of Janice Chu

    eye candy

    Joel and Ellie have never looked more cuddly... or formidable. Janice Chu draws character portraits with the best of them, from video games, anime, and real life.

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  4. Amazon and Journey Demonstrate the Dos and Don’ts of Mourning James Gandolfini’s Passing

    The Five Stages of Grief are slightly different for massive corporations. For example the first stage is apparently "Be Really Sleazy."

    As a big fan of Things That Are Empirically Excellent, is am, it will surprise no one, an avid admirer and huge fan of HBO's The Sopranos, and so, like many of you, I was publicly bummed out when James Gandolfini, the man who was the backbone of one of the most excellent and important television shows ever passed away suddenly yesterday at just 51. As Facebook feeds across the world lit up with expressions of shock and sorrow at the news, we were treated to handy lessons in how to mourn a public figure -- and how not to -- from two unexpected sources: the classic rockers of Journey and Internet-retailer Amazon. Here's a Protip: Do offer your sympathies to the figure's family. Don't try to hawk product. (Potential spoilers ahead if you haven't finished The Sopranos and are really sensitive about your definition of spoiler. Also, if you haven't finished The Sopranos, what the hell are you doing?)

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  5. Check Out These Gorgeous Journey Box Art Redesigns

    Dang, these were designed by students? Now I feel really inadequate about my undergraduate experience.

    This past year, students looking to earn their Bachelor of Design in Games from RMIT had a difficult assignment handed to them by guest professor and Pachinko Pictures co-director David Surman: To create a new PS3 sleeve for the gorgeous 2012 indie game Journey, developed by thatgamecompany.

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  6. Listen to the Entire Grammy-Nominated Journey Soundtrack Right Here

    Of all the Grammy nominations that have ever been made, there are few we can say we support wholeheartedly. That's mostly because the Grammys tend to be a boring affair, full of uninteresting nominations for uninteresting folks. It looks like that's not the case for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, though. Of all the nominations, our absolute favorite is hidden within the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category. Composer Austin Wintory, thanks to his soundtrack for the video game Journey, is up for a Grammy. Hit the jump to listen to the entire thing.

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  7. Journey is Getting a Hardcover Art Book in September

    For anyone looking for a Journey, the band, hardcover art book, I'm afraid this is where we must go our separate ways. For anyone else that has been patiently awaiting a hardcover art book for thatgamecompany's gorgeous video game, also named Journey, the wait is almost over. The Art of Journey has been officially announced and will be available for purchase in September.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Superhero Shirts, With Capes, For Grownups

    Things We Saw Today

    Well, "grownups," and I absolutely use those quotation marks to include myself. (Fashionably Geek)

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  9. Journey is One of the Best Games You’ll Ever Play [Review]

    Every now and then, you hear the old "can video games be art" discussion pop up, and as times goes on, the answer becomes more of a resounding "yes, stop asking," than something more nebulous. From the very first moment Thatgamecompany's downloadable PlayStation Network adventure Journey was shown off years ago, the video game world knew it would be one of those "art" games. It finally released to the masses on March 13, and not only is the game one of the best examples of video games as art, but it's one of the industry's finest instances of gaming.

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  10. The Embargo on Journey Lifted, Everyone Loves It

    It pains me to be writing this post in such a way, but way back when, I didn't make it into the Journey beta. This time around, I didn't receive any sort of review copy or early release. So, while my likely fangasmic review will be coming sometime shortly after the official release date of March 13 and no matter how broke I am, I will have $14.99, that isn't now, so we'll have to check in on the rest of the Internet. They love it, if you're wondering. Just how much, after the break.

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  11. What Will Probably be the Best PSN Game Ever, Journey, Finally Gets Release Date, Price

    After a very long, excruciating wait, thatgamecompany's Journey has finally been dated and priced. The game will release on the PSN, soon-to-be dubbed SEN, on March 13, 2012 in the U.S., and will cost you a most likely very well spent $14.99. All signs point to this game being one of the best game releases in a long while, regardless of its cheap price tag and digital download only status, so you probably want to mark that date on your calendar, and hide an emergency $14.99 somewhere just in case.

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  12. Geekolinks: 12/11

    LotRO Has A Bunch of Ridiculous Hats (Massively) James Cameron + Cirque du Soleil Will = 3-D Movies (Hero Complex) Side Table Made of Floating Cubes (RockPaperRobotFloat) The Navy Tests a Mach 8 Railgun m/ (Wired) First Footage of Journey From the People Who Made Flow and Flower (GameInformer) Fox Releases Synopsis for X-Men: First Class (ScreenRant) Weta Builds Functioning Sentry Gun, Gives it to Valve (Kotaku)

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