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Journey is Getting a Hardcover Art Book in September

For anyone looking for a Journey, the band, hardcover art book, I’m afraid this is where we must go our separate ways. For anyone else that has been patiently awaiting a hardcover art book for thatgamecompany‘s gorgeous video game, also named Journey, the wait is almost over. The Art of Journey has been officially announced and will be available for purchase in September.

For those that have played the game, a hardcover art book seems like an inevitable outcome. The visuals, and music, are what make the journey in Journey what it is. Often, games will have art books announced and available for purchase even before the game itself reaches store shelves. Journey, being a downloadable title that has only just come to retail as a boxed copy, didn’t have this luxury. Plus, it’s not like it’s on the grandiose scale of, say, Mass Effect. A significant audience for a downloadable title is never a guarantee.

For everyone that hasn’t played the game, the book will almost certainly be full of spoilers. The story is told through the stark, contrasting atmosphere of the environment. Seeing those environments reproduced on the page will only serve to lessen their first impression; one should really play the game prior to reading the book. Don’t let that stop you from purchasing the book, however.

The book also includes an augmented reality feature. By downloading a companion app, and using their camera on special pictures, folks can view 3D models on their smartphone or tablet. This might come off as a bit gimmicky, but anything thatgamecompany is up to is worth giving the benefit of the doubt.

(Official PlayStation Blog via The Verge, image credit via Jem Yoshioka)

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