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Internet Explorer

  1. New Microsoft Browser Codenamed “Spartan” Is Reportedly Killing Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. Forever.

    Because so many people are terribly unhappy with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Microsoft is hard at work on an Internet Explorer reboot under a different name. Maybe it'll get a new, gritty origin story about avenging the original IE's death!

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  2. Call Your Grandparents: Every Version of Internet Explorer Subject to New Vulnerability

    "Billy, there's something wrong with the googles."

    If it's been a while since you've visited MiMi and PopPop, now's probably a good time to check in on them. Microsoft has confirmed that every version of Internet Explorer is vulnerable to a security flaw, making "remote code execution" possible. This could give hackers full control of a system remotely.

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  3. A Company Is Buying Old People New Computers Rather Than Dealing With Internet Explorer 7

    Now probably only that You've Got Mail website still supports it.

    Creating fragmented site versions for old browsers can be super annoying for web designers who want to make something flashy and new with the most recent browser technology. Well, here's hoping more companies take the route of, because they decided it's more cost effective to buy customers new computers, instead.

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  4. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Anime Mascot Video Is Completely Bonkers [Video]

    Unsurprisingly, blue screens of death are great at destroying machines.

    Internet Explorer's new mascot, Inori Aizawa, is a personification of Internet Explorer who fights robots with blue screens of death, which we're surprised no one at Microsoft noticed before this video went out. She also has a Facebook page dedicated to furthering the personification of IE as an anime girl, so we're a bit creeped out.

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  5. Internet Explorer Ad Blinds Us with ’90s Nostalgia to Hide the Fact People Still Don’t Like Them

    If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, then chances are that the school computer lab was running Internet Explorer as their go-to browser. Chances are just as likely that it was suffering from the very same quality control issues 18 years ago as it is today. Since 1995, it's been that same dance of disappointment and frustration over Microsoft's inability to see that it has nearly two decades of problems to work out before it can hope to achieve the same level of prestige as Firefox and Google Chrome. In their latest attempt to make it appear that they've seen the error of their ways, Microsoft has released an Internet Explorer ad tugging at the heartstrings of those pining for the halcyon days of their '90s youth. While we certainly can't enough of the walk down memory lane, it does nothing to change the fact that Internet Explorer will remain a steaming pile of -- look, garish fanny packs!

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  6. Google Maps Makes Its Triumphant Return to Windows Phone

    Earlier this week, we reported that Windows Phone owners were disappointed to discover that accessing Google Maps on their Internet Explorer web browser redirected them to the company's search engine homepage. It's no mystery that Microsoft and Google can never be seated in the same room together, but it was still a pretty low blow on the latter's part. After a juvenile back-and-forth between the two tech companies over WebKit browsers, rendering engines, and all that other nonsense jargon, Google has -- we assume reluctantly -- extended the proverbial olive branch and is once again offering Windows Phone users access to Google Maps via Internet Explorer. Hopefully, this move will be enough to ease any tensions that had arisen from the past upset.

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  7. Internet Explorer Flaw Big Enough for Microsoft to Issue Warning

    Microsoft isn't one to readily admit that they're dealing with a major security flaw, in that they're not going to publicize the fact. To be fair, most technology companies aren't often the ones that come forward with potential exploits. Someone, or some group, usually has to first do some damage before these loopholes get closed with any speed. A major exploit that works across operating systems? Well, that's another story. Microsoft has already responded to the latest critical exploit found in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and 9, but the help provided might not do much.

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  8. Frankenstein Virus Steals Code From Other Programs

    Well, this should terrify anyone who has ever experienced the perfectly rational terror inspired by machines that can think for themselves. New Scientist reports that computer scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have created a computer virus, dubbed Frankenstein, that can make itself more damaging and harder for systems to detect by stealing bits and pieces of code from other programs. If you don't think this ends in a supervirus running out of control through the Internet, making machines come to life and subjugating humanity, you are not being anywhere near reactionary enough.

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  9. Microsoft Once Threatened to Sue E.piphany Over the Letter “E”

    Business law is tricky, especially when it relates to copyright and trademarks. Steve Blank, co-founder of what was then E.piphany, recently posted about a time when Microsoft threatened to sue his company over their use of the letter "E" in their logo. You see, Microsoft had released Internet Explorer 3 to the masses with a new logo: The letter "E" with a swoop. Unfortunately, E.piphany made the same decision with their own logo. Cue legal posturing.

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  10. Internet Explorer Simulator Brings the Best Parts of Jank to Your Favorite Browser

    Internet Explorer catches a lot of flak for being awful, to the extent that its most recent advertising push stresses not that it's great exactly, but that it's no longer unusable. All that aside, Internet Explorer had one feature that made the inevitable crashes sort of, kind of, a little bit fun; you could make designs with the "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem" window during a freeze. Good news, you don't need to use IE to do that anymore.

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