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Internet Explorer Simulator Brings the Best Parts of Jank to Your Favorite Browser

Internet Explorer catches a lot of flak for being awful, to the extent that its most recent advertising push stresses not that it’s great exactly, but that it’s no longer unusable. All that aside, Internet Explorer had one feature that made the inevitable crashes sort of, kind of, a little bit fun; you could make designs with the Internet Explorer has encountered a problem window during a freeze. Good news, you don’t need to use IE to do that anymore.

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The Internet Explorer Simulator — created by Mr. Doob — is a wonderful little thing that will let you live through the joy of playing with a frozen browser without actually freezing your browser. It’s basically a miracle. Hop on over and try your hand at slowly dragging the window across the screen and creating an unbroken band of grey. Or creating a circular vortex of windows. Or emulating the ending screen to a game of Solitaire. The possibilities are endless. Get to it.

(via Bit Rebels)

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