Internet Explorer Will Now Automatically Update, Finally

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Any web developer or child of computer-owning parents will tell you how much they dislike Internet Explorer. It’s not just that it is seen as an inferior browser, but that whenever anyone comes into contact with it, there’s a good chance it is a years-old version, out of date by a few full version numbers. Microsoft realized that it is almost 2012 and it is time to put a stop to Internet Explorer 6.0 and its cohorts, and will begin rolling out automatic updates for Internet Explorer sometime soon.

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In January 2012, the update that brings automatic updates will begin with Australia and Brazil, then roll out to other regions. While it is possible to trigger an update to Internet Explorer via Windows Update, the process has never been fully automated, which is responsible for a decent chunk of outdated browsers.

Microsoft senior director for Internet Explorer Ryan Gavin cites a few benefits for the automatic updates: The overall security should increase for the Microsoft community since many outdated browsers will now be updated with modern browser security, and web developers won’t have to spend an unwanted amount of time and energy focusing on, for example, making sure a site runs well in Internet Explorer 6.0.

However, if you’re in charge of an office and don’t want your employees’ computers automatically updating constantly, Microsoft has you covered, and will be offering blocker tools to help you keep your office in the Internet Stone Age. For anyone worried about any kind of preference changes, don’t worry, Microsoft has you covered as well, and the updates won’t mess with your settings.

It’s nice to see one of the most maligned browsers getting with the times. Welcome to the Internet, Internet Explorer.

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