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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Anime Mascot Video Is Completely Bonkers [Video]

Unsurprisingly, blue screens of death are great at destroying machines.

Internet Explorer’s new mascot, Inori Aizawa, is a personification of Internet Explorer who fights robots with blue screens of death, which we’re surprised no one at Microsoft noticed before this video went out. She also has a Facebook page dedicated to furthering the personification of IE as an anime girl, so we’re a bit creeped out.

From the information available on the Facebook page, it seems that she’s announcing some kind of updated, touchscreen browser experience for Internet Explorer, which explains all of the flinging things around with her hands. We’re still a little unclear on the meaning of the rocket boots, though.

This video also marks the first time we’ve ever seen anyone switch to Internet Explorer to solve a problem. In terms of marketing, it seems the name Inori Aizawa (藍澤 祈) basically translates to something along the lines of “indigo swamp prayer,” so we can only guess they’re praying not to get so many viruses.

Maybe the robots are viruses? Sorry, we can’t stop trying to make this make sense, and it’s really hurting our brains.

(via The Next Web, image via Internet Explorer on YouTube)

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