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  1. Warkitteh Collar Lets Cats Sniff Out Vulnerable and Open Wi-Fi Networks

    He's more machine than kitteh now. His mind is twisted and evil.

    Cats are coming for your Wi-Fi! Well, at least one cat is coming for one neighborhood's Wi-Fi. Security researcher Gene Bransfield has built the "Warkitteh" collar that lets his cat patrol the neighborhood and sniff out open or vulnerable Wi-Fi networks.

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  2. No, Glenn Beck Did Not Say Watch Dogs Teaches You How to Hack in Real Life

    No matter how much I wish he had.

    Glenn Beck has said a lot of completely bonkers stuff over the years, and this segment on how bad video games and technology are for us is no different. Unfortunately, a bunch of really silly arguments aren't enough for people, and they want to invent some other silly things for him to say. No, he didn't say Watch Dogs teaches you how to hack in real life.

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  3. Pinterest Hacked to Contain Many Butts

    hold on to your butts

    I mean, probably it was hacked to contain "More Butts," since there were probably already some butts on the site already, but still, over the last couple of days the incidences of butts on the site for some users became alarmingly high.

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  4. Jurassic Systems Is The Samuel L Jackson Roleplay Website You’ve Been Waiting For

    The magic word was actually "mothafuqqa."

    The hacking scene from Jurassic Park stands out surprisingly well in a movie full of other memorable things, like dinosaur poop and Jeff Goldblum. Now thanks to the delightful Jurassic Systems website, you can personally experience what it's like to get hacked by Dennis Nedry. Hold on to your butts, obviously.

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  5. Kung Fury Is the Writhing Core at the Heart of All ’80s Action Films

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Look, I'm not going to try to explain or excuse the '80s other than to say that they produced me, so let that stand in their favor. This was a Kickstarter, FYI. Previously in What Is This I Don't Even

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  6. Inform the Great Intelligence: The BBC’s Internal File-Sharing Site Was Hacked on Christmas Day

    Elsewhere on the internet

    On Christmas day we were all busy opening presents, seeing a movie, eating takeout, browsing Tumblr, or any of another slew of activities. And lots of us watched Doctor Who. Nearly two and a half million Americans alone tuned in for Matt Smith's big farewell bash. But on the internet, there were definitely some mice stirring. See, it's a computer joke. Like, computer mice. Because somebody hacked the BBC and tried to make money off of it. Let's move on.

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  7. Can Your Brain Be Hacked? This AsapSCIENCE Has the Answer [Video]

    This video is better than Johnny Mnemonic

    As neuroscience gets more advanced it raises the question of whether or not our brains can be hacked. In some ways it already has, but not in the way you might be thinking. This AsapSCIENCE video lays out the scientific and ethical questions around brain hacking. So what do you think? Who wants to hack their brain?

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  8. Syrian Electronic Army Claims Control of Twitter’s Domain

    At least they ended it with a smiley face.

    The Syrian Electronic Army announced in a tweet (appropriately) that they own Twitter.com, and included picture of what appears to be a report from Domaintools.com that lists SEA as the owners of the site. Though when we ran a Domaintools.com report, we got a different result.

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  9. MIT Releases Report on Aaron Swartz Case, Claims “Position of Neutrality”

    An MIT review panel found that MIT did nothing wrong during the Aaron Swartz case.

    While under federal prosecution that many felt was extreme for his crimes, Aaron Swartz committed suicide earlier this year. MIT has released a report examining their culpability in the matter. It indicates that MIT maintained a "position of neutrality" throughout the proceedings, claiming they neither sought Swartz' prosecution nor defended him.

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  10. So, Yeah, Chipotle Faked Their Twitter Hack as a Publicity Stunt, Have Earned Our Eternal Ire

    An entertaining prank, or a startling breach of Twitter ethics?

    On Sunday, the official Twitter account for the restaurant chain Chipotle started sending out some odd Tweets. We, and others, assumed they'd been hacked, even though the 'hacker' didn't seem to get how Twitter works. As it turns out, there's a rational explanation for why an avocado-craving Luddite was on Chipotle's Twitter account -- the whole thing was faked.

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