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Hacker Family Tree Charts Hacker Group Relationships [Infographic]

Hacking has been around for a long time, but now with social networking, publicized hacking groups with quirky personalities, and the increasing importance of the internet, we’ve been hearing a lot more about it recently. Hackers hacking this organization, threatening that organization, taunting each other, opening or closing up shop. As interesting as it is, it’s all a bit much to follow and sometimes it’s not even clear who’s who. If you find yourself in that boat, attached is a brief, approximate and abridged family-tree/timeline of recent hacker groups and activity summarizing who came from where and worked with whom on what. Events are listed in unscaled, but roughly chronological order from top to bottom. Take a look at the full size image below and impress your friends and family with facts that they probably won’t understand.

“Thats all well and good Billy, but what on Earth is a Lulzsec?”

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