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  1. Frequent Misspelling Of “Suites” Prompts Retailer To Offer Solid-Chocolate Bathroom Set

    For your golden tickets and your oompa loompa dippity doos.

    God bless The online retailer of bidets, toilets and other traditionally inedible fixtures is now descending a delicious slippery slope by selling powder-room appliances made entirely out of chocolate.

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  2. One in Three Young People Are Updating Their Facebook Status While On The Toilet

    Between ads taking over your newsfeed, engagement announcements that leave you feeling even more single, and the yammerings of people you really should have unfriended back in high school, there are plenty of things to complain about in the social media environment these days. On the other hand, there's an argument that we should all just be glad that we're not seeing more updates about our friends' bowel movements, because considering how many of us are tweeting from the toilet, it's a mercy that verges on the miraculous. According to a report by Nielsen, one third of people between the ages of 18 and 24 use social networks while they are using the bathroom, a statistic which can also be read as "two thirds of people between the ages of 18 and 24 are totally lying to Nielsen."

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  3. “Singing” Shower Head Makes Sure No One Can Tell When You Sing Off-Key

    Singing in the shower, like complaining about things on the internet and watching reality TV, is one America's secret pastimes. It's not a secret because no one knows you do it — trust me, they do — but because it's something that may show us in a less flattering light. A shower radio may help to mask the sound of your out-of-tune crooning, but between you and the sound of the shower, it may as well not be playing anything at all. If only there was a shower (or shower head) designed with musical accompaniment in mind...

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  4. Designers Compete To Be Bill Gates’ Choice for Toilet of the Future

    As we've reported here earlier, Bill Gates has deemed it time for a new toilet. For the last couple days, teams of engineers and designers from around the world arrived in Seattle to show off their best designs for the honey bucket of the future, competing against one another to see how they handled solid waste. Don't worry, you guys, it's all soy-based gunk -- it's just supposed to look a lot like poop, a goal at which it succeeds admirably. Participants in the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, needed to meet several criteria set by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is throwing its philanthropic weight (read: millions of dollars of cash money grants) behind the project in the hopes of creating a functioning off-the-grid sanitation system for the developing world.

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  5. Penthouse Bathroom Atop a See-Through 15 Story Elevator Shaft

    When you have a lot of money and live in a fancy penthouse, the first idea that should come to mind is to -- obviously -- set your bathroom atop a 15 story elevator shaft and make the floor glass so you can be terrified every time you accidentally drop something on bathroom floor. Designed by Hernandez Silva, this penthouse, located in Guadalajara, Mexico, seems to think the bathroom is a good place to scare the literal something or other out of people.

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  6. Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall

    While we don't condone the defacement of public or private property, one must at least acknowledge the obsessive dedication of whoever wrote the text of the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on a bathroom stall. See also: Street artist converses with the police in graffiti and whitewash. (RentHarryPotter via TDW via Flavorwire)

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  7. The Flaming Lips’ Futuristic Bathroom is Cooler than Your Entire House

    Fans of the Oklahoma-based indie band The Flaming Lips will be familiar with their trippy-yet-edgy aesthetic; their website identifies them as a "psychedelic alternative rock band." Where better to express that aesthetic than ... their bathroom?

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