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Things We Saw Today: The Invitation‘s Karyn Kusama on Defying Genre Norms

Plus BB-8 watching The Force Awakens and more!

Friend of The Mary Sue, Rebecca Pahle, conducted a superb interview with Karyn Kusama on defying genre tropes and norms, and how women deserve to have all aspects of their personality on display. “There’s this notion that somehow men own transgression as a narrative tool. That diminishes all of humanity, if that’s how we see the world. Women have to be allowed their vulnerability, their monstrousness, their heroics. They have to have all of those qualities, too.” You should definitely read the full interview over on Film Journal.

  • Lola Phoenix wrote a powerful essay over on Gadgette about how male entitlement in geek culture drove her away from a hobby she loved.
  • Four universities in North Carolina worked together to debunk the “bathroom predator” myth that says people are likely to fake trans identities in order to assault cis people in bathrooms. Awesome work!

If you don’t already have a Sphero BB-8, then this might convince you to get one. They just released an update that lets BB-8 watch The Force Awakens with you. BB-8 will react to things happening on screen, beeping and booping in that absolutely precious way we’ve all fallen in love with. Go on, then. What’re you waiting for? Get a BB-8! (via CBR)

  • Speaking of tech, did you hear about the TSA spending ~$1.4 million on an app that basically randomizes people queueing up for security lines? It essentially just points left or right. That’s it. Here’s the fun thing: a man apparently recreated the app in about ten minutes. Security theater, indeed. (via BoingBoing)
  • In more neat tech news: the LUCY camera is an improvement on the Camera Lucida, a 500 year old design that is supposed to help artists block out their drawings better. You can check out how it works over on BoingBoing. If you’re impressed and need one of these, then you should go check out the Kickstarter for it!

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