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Facts I Wish I Didn’t Know: Apparently 12% of You Poop in the Shower

Yeah, I know. I can't believe it either.

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I am so sorry to have to share this information with you but I just found out that 12% (more than one in 10) of Americans do, in fact, poop in the shower, and if I have to have that knowledge in my brain, so do you.

WaterFilterGuru surveyed 1,00 people (an admittedly small sample size) and asked them an array of questions about their showering habits and it turns out that people are pretty damn disgusting. I mean, I know we’re in a climate crisis right now guys, but it’s okay to shower and go to the toilet separately. I promise.

Honestly, though, I won’t lie, despite it being gross, I’m a nosey girly so I found this both disturbing and weirdly insightful. Sometimes this sort of corporate-sponsored research can seem unnecessary but it scratches my urge to know things I’m sometimes afraid to ask or not really supposed to, so thanks Water Filter Guru. I appreciate you.

Apparently, pooing isn’t the only activity people do while washing. The report says that women pee in the shower more so than men do and that 37% of men have video calls while showering. If you ask me, that’s wilder than anything, because unless you’re getting frisky, why are you risking your phone going to its grave and maybe getting electrocuted?

However, it doesn’t look like humanity has completely gone to shit (sorry, I had to) just yet. The research shows that the average U.S. citizen showers six times a week for around 15 minutes at a time. That’s about 10,000 gallons at over 4,600 minutes per person a year.

There were, however, generational differences in how people showered. For example, those who are Gen Z shower less than five times a week–probably due to their consciousness about the state of the planet (using less water helps keep CO2 emissions down). Millennials also took the longest time in getting clean while, you guessed it, Gen Z took the shortest.

Gen Z is also using alternatives to shampoo to wash their hair. There is a trend called the ‘No Poo Method‘ which consists of using things like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, or simply just water instead of regular shampoo as some believe that using commercial products dries out your hair, and users of the method have reported seeing healthier, bouncier hair.

Also, apparently sharing is caring as 60% of respondents said that they showered with their partner and that doing so increased emotional intimacy between them and happiness in the relationship. They also reported that they saw a reduction in fighting.

I do hope there’s not much overlap between the 12% of shower-pooers and the 60% of co-showerers but honestly, if it’s working for their relationships, well, that’s none of my business then.

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