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  1. The End Is Nigh! SkyMall Has Filed For Bankruptcy

    Hide your Insta Slim Compression Shirts, hide your Kitty Washroom Cabinets - SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy.

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  2. Australia’s Lion King Cast Serenades An Entire Plane With “Circle Of Life” Because of Course They Did

    They could defeat a whole army of Sycorax with those lyrics.

    It doesn't take much to turn even the most seasoned performer back into an overexcited camp kid. All you need is a confined space -- preferably one in transportation, like a bus or plane -- and several other performers who all know the same song. So yeah, of course the cast of The Lion King started singing in public.

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  3. FCC Considers Lifting Bans on Cellphones on Airplanes

    Oh, great.

    In a 3-2 vote today, the Federal Communications Commission has officially decided to consider lifting the ban on cellphones in airplanes, citing that there's no technical reason for their use to be impermissible. So prepare yourselves now, folks -- one day, you might have to listen to somebody's entire phone conversation while in flight. Whee.

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  4. FAA Removes Cell Phone Plane Restriction, Finally Lets Us Read Fanfic As We Take Off and Land

    Good News Everyone!

    I mean... finally lets us read classic works of literature. Because that's what I always read. Pssht, duh.

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  5. The FAA Is Finally Going To Start Letting Us Use Electronic Devices While Taking Off

    Cue the tired Alec Baldwin jokes in three... two...

    Good new for everyone who refuses to be alone with their own thoughts for any period of time! Now you won't have to turn off the music you're listening to, the ebook you're reading, or the stupid iPhone game you're playing while your plane takes off and lands. The FAA has officially announced plans to change their policy regarding these electronic devices.

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  6. Man Builds Functional Boeing 737 Cockpit in His Son’s Room, Because It’s Not Like Anyone Uses It

    Not pictured: His son, crying that he just wants to go to sleep.

    Laurent Aigon really likes airplanes. He grew up living almost 700 feet away from an airport and playing Flight Simulator constantly, but somehow his obsession never amounted to anything -- until he decided to build an exact replica of an airplane cockpit in his home, just inches from his son's bed. Seriously, in your kid's room? You can't do that on the balcony, buddy?

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  7. Russian Airliner Makes Seven Trips With Dead Guy Frozen in Wheel Well

    This is normally where we'd make a joke about this, but it seems a bit morbid.

    Russian authorities probably knew to expect nothing good when they found blood splatters near the wheel well of an Airbus 330 passenger plane operated by iFly airlines. They probably still weren't prepared for the implications of what they found, though -- a 22-year-old Georgian man dead and frozen in the plane's wheel well. What's worse? An autopsy showed that the unfortunate young man, Giorgio Abduladze, had been dead for four days, and made as many as seven trips as a deceased stowaway before his body was discovered last week. 

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  8. NASA-Designed Hybrid Wing Uses Half the Fuel of a Normal Plane, Could be Twice as Awesome

    There's been a lot of focus on hybrid cars in the last few years, but what about other modes of transportation? A team of NASA engineers have shown a new manufacturing method for their "hybrid-wing" design that might cut fuel consumption in half. NASA estimates it could be 20 years before the new production method becomes commercially available, but the technology could begin to help improve conventional aircraft much sooner. Maybe they could use it to fix the battery on the 787?

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  9. Man on Plane Asked to Remove Inigo Montoya Shirt, Other Passengers Apparently Never Saw The Princess Bride

    People can be touchy about air travel these days, so a shirt with the words "prepare to die" written on the front might not be the smartest choice of apparel for a trip through the friendly skies. "Prepare to die" sounds intimidating, but it's all about context. The phrase, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die," is frankly downright inspiring, but when Wynand Mullins wore his The Princess Bride shirt with that line onto a plane, he found out the other passengers weren't fans, and he was ultimately asked to remove it.

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  10. Startup Offers Device for Tracking Lost Luggage

    An airline losing your luggage is one of many terrible things about flying. You land in a new place, go to the baggage carousel and wait, and wait. And wait. Bags that look like yours come down the chute, but are picked up by other travelers. You start to worry. Eventually you realize your bag's not there at all. Then you talk to someone at the airline who tells you that not only is your bag not at that airport, but they have no idea where it is. GlobaTrac has introduced the TrakDot, a small cellular device to track your luggage so you can at least tell the airline where they sent it. Then you can tell them where to stick it.

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