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Australia’s Lion King Cast Serenades An Entire Plane With “Circle Of Life” Because of Course They Did

They could defeat a whole army of Sycorax with those lyrics.


It doesn’t take much to turn even the most seasoned performer back into an overexcited camp kid. All you need is a confined space — preferably one in transportation, like a bus or plane — and several other performers who all know the same song. So yeah, of course the cast of The Lion King started singing in public. It is their biological imperative as theater nerds.

As heartwarming as this performance is, though, the best part of the video is just after the song ends at 2:10 and we see this jaded traveler, who’s sitting slumped over in his seat while everybody else round him is clapping with delight:

lion king 2

“Listen, I’m just trying to get from Brisbane to Sydney, can’t I just have a nice peaceful flight without an entire chorus of professionally trained musical theater actors breaking into song?”

I have so many questions. Who is this man? Why does he look so forlorn abut what should arguably be the coolest experience of his life? Did a Lion King kill his whole family or something? Reveal to me your secrets, mysterious Australian plane passenger. Reveal them.

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