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Zelda Opens a Bottle of Whoop-Ass in Hyrule Warriors as the Game Adds Even More Women

Your princess is not in another castle.

We may have been disappointed that speculation about a female protagonist/playable character in the next main-series Zelda game turned out to be wrong, but Hyrule Warriors is really picking up the slack in that department with more women than you can shake a deku stick at. The latest Japanese character trailer for the game once again begs the question, “Does she just let Link save her to give his self-esteem a boost?”

Not only that, but Hyrule Warriors has a ton of female playable characters. In addition to Link, of course, there’s Impa, Midna, and Zelda, and Famitsu just revealed that Agitha, the bug girl from Twilight Princess, and a brand new character named Lana. Right now, it sounds like Lana will be integral to the currently unkown plot of the game, as she’s Hyrule’s White Witch, and the antagonist is Cia, the Black Witch.

I was confused as to why Nintendo would throw one of their biggest franchises into a weird, seemingly dated Dynasty Warriors mashup, but they’re really winning me over with the playable women. So, here’s Zelda, showing why she is a legend:

During an E3 interview, Hyrule Warriors producer Yosuke Hayashi told Polygon that the game finally shows off the power that Zelda has always had. He told them:

Regarding the look of Zelda herself, she is a ruler. So we want to make sure she is seen as a strong character in that she needs to look like a ruler, she needs to feel like a ruler. So, [she has] what you might consider a stronger look for the character. She is also a playable character here, so she needs to be able to go out and take out tons of enemies on her own. She needs to seem like a character they can do battle with.

They’re winning me over on this one. Now just make the next main Zelda game about something other than “save the princess,” and we’ll be all set.

(via Polygon and The Escapist, image via Nintendo)

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