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World’s Fastest Zelda: Ocarina of Time Player Sets New Record by Turning Around Doomed Run With Insane Luck

He already shaved seven years off of the game by staying Young Link to the end.

How fast can you beat the greatest Zelda game of all time? (Yeah, I said it.) Not as fast as Cosmo Wright, that’s for sure. Cosmo was already the world record holder for completing Ocarina of Time in the shortest time, but he just beat his own record with a crazy technique that only works 8% of the time.

This new run shaves five seconds off of his previous clear time in an any run, where any glitch or trick present in the game is fair for use in reaching the end as quickly as possible. Five seconds might not seem like a lot, but when you’re the fastest in the world and you raise the bar like that, five seconds is plenty.

Just how fast would the perfect Ocarina run be, though? A good twenty or thirty seconds faster actually, and if his semi-drunken Twitter ramblings are to be believed, Cosmo’s next goal is to lower his time all the way down to 18:30 in pursuit of that time.

He might just be able to do it, too, because this run would’ve actually been faster if he hadn’t made some mistakes and needed to save it with the incredibly difficult “God HESS” technique that has an 8% success rate even if performed perfectly.

There’s gotta be some kind of voodoo magic going on here. I don’t have hard evidence, but I’m pretty his unholy alliance with this game also allows him to summon a flock of cuckoos on you at will. In real life.

(via Daily Dot, image via Bryan Ochalla)

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