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The Weather Goddess & The Mistress of the Animal Kingdom

As we celebrate Black Panther release day, I wanted to highlight two amazing black female characters in comics.

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What Feminist Ideas Can We Explore in…Cloverfield? Part One.

So, I finally sat down and did a Cloverfield Marathon this weekend (#CloverfieldNewbie), watching all three films in this unique franchise for the first time: Cloverfield (2008), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), and the most recent entry, this year's The Cloverfield Paradox. You can check out the play-by-play of my reactions over at my Instagram, but what really fascinated me about these films were the women. **SPOILERS FOR CLOVERFIELD**

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#WheresRey? Not in Star Wars Monopoly, Despite Hasbro’s Promises

Last year, an eight year old girl wrote a letter to Hasbro wondering why there was no Rey token included in the new Star Wars Monopoly game. Hasbro responded to her letter, saying that they left her out because they didn't want to be responsible for spoilers to The Force Awakens, as the board game came out before the film. Later, they promised to include Rey in subsequent versions of the game by the Fall of 2016. It's now Summer of 2017, and we're still waiting.

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Check Out This Preview From KaBOOM’s Female-Led Limited Series, Brave Chef Brianna

At the end of last year, we showed you an exclusive look at the artwork from BOOM! Studios imprint KaBOOM's upcoming, female-led limited series, Brave Chef Brianna, written by Sam Sykes, with art by Selina Espiritu. Well, the book has finally arrived this week! If you're wondering if it's up your alley (or if it might appeal to an awesome kid in your life), check out this preview provided by our friends of BOOM!

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Exclusive: Get to Know Dark Horse Comics’ Henchgirl, And Check Out Her ECCC Exclusive Cover

Lots of people aren't thrilled with their current employment, but compared to working for a supervillain? Well, let's just say you probably have it easier than you think. This month, Dark Horse Comics will be releasing the trade paperback of Henchgirl, which will be introduced and available to fans in advance of its release at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, and they've given us an exclusive first look at the cover of the trade after the jump!

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Justice League Heroine to Join CW’s The Flash — But Isn’t She Due For a Non-Racist Name Change?

Comics have a long history full of character choices that may have seemed perfectly harmless at the moment of their inception, but reveal themselves over time to be the product of unexamined discrimination. One such character is Cindy Reynolds, A.K.A. Gypsy.

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[UPDATED] Exclusive Interview: Comic Creator Katie O’Neill Talks About Her Work, Announces Next Project With Oni Press

If you're a fan of web comics, you've probably already seen Katie O'Neill's work. Her latest hardcover collection Princess Princess Ever After (which I reviewed earlier this morning), started life as a web comic on her popular Tumblr. Today, O'Neill's is announcing exclusively through TMS, her next original project with Oni Press!

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More Than “Strong”: Why Men Need to Write More Complex Female Characters

I remember when first daring to write a novel in first person with a female protagonist that I feared it wouldn’t work. I’d written about vampires, werewolves, ogres, and ghost dogs, but I was genuinely concerned that writing from the perspective of an undead, cannibal, witch woman would be beyond my abilities. That instinct says everything about how we guys (specifically cisgender ones like myself) are trained to view gender in fiction.

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Agent Carter Cancelled After Two Seasons, Mockingbird Not Flying in Marvel’s Most Wanted

We were rooting hard for ABC's Agent Carter, as there were clearly so many reasons why the show deserved a third season. However, ratings are ratings, and the ratings weren't there. Sadly, Agent Carter will not be getting a Season Three.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates Delves Into Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet in Second Marvel Video

Last week, Marvel released its first video in a series on the new Black Panther title, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates with art by Brian Stelfreeze, Coates gave us a preliminary look at T'Challa and Wakanda. This week, since Issue #2 is out today, Marvel has released a new video that goes more in-depth into the first story arc of the new series, A Nation Under Our Feet.

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The Flash‘s Candice Patton on Female Characters Having Permission to be Flawed

Candice Patton on Female Characters Having Permission to be Flawed

In the never-ending quest for Nuanced Female Characters, we must first acknowledge that some of those nuances might involve less-than-desirable qualities. It may mean that said female character doesn't have her ish together the way we'd like, or prioritize the things we would. Not everyone has been thrilled with the evolution of The Flash's Iris West, for example. However, the actress who plays her, Candice Patton, is quick to lay the verbal smackdown, and makes a really valid point.

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DC Super Hero Girls Introduces Supergirl in Season Two Premiere

If you haven't watched already, DC Super Hero Girls is an adorable series of digital shorts that are a great way to introduce the little heroes in your life to some of DC's amazing female heroes. Its first season was made up of thirteen 3 1/2 minute episodes. Today, Season Two has launched and brings the arrival of one of DC's finest, Supergirl! Check out Episode 1, "New Beginnings," in the video above!

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The Mary Sue Interview: Gene Ha Talks About His Awesome New Female-Led Dark Horse Title Mae

In a comics community that's increasingly hungry for nuanced female protagonists and female-centric stories, Dark Horse Comics is providing just what they're craving with an awesome new title by Eisner Award-winning creator, Gene Ha.

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TV Killed Off a Lot of Female Characters Last Week

Some of the on-screen deaths made sense. Most of them didn't.

There are ways to send off characters in believable ways, in ways that make sense given both the character's arc as well as the actor's personal commitments. Lately, it seems like television has forgotten how to do that.

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Ross Putman’s @Femscriptintros is Great, But Let’s Talk About the Women Who Came Before Him

Women talk about feminism = white noise. Men talk about feminism = INTERNATIONAL NEWS!

Chances are, if you travel in feminist film-loving circles, you've probably heard about producer Ross Putman's awesome Twitter feed @femscriptintros, where he posts the introductions to female characters in the scripts he receives. What's interesting is that he's getting all this attention for doing something that's been done before - by women.

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PBS Game/Show Rightfully Touts the Portal Games As a Feminist Masterpiece

I'm about to say something that will likely make you go "Where the hell were you in 2007?" I'm only now on Level 19 of Portal.

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Review: Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 as Unbeatable as the Name Suggests

"Squirrel Girl/Squirrel Girl/She's a human and also squirrel..."

In the current comics climate of superheroes out-brooding each other and dealing with dystopian scenario after dystopian scenario, it's easy to forget that comics from the Big Two can also be fun. Well, if you're looking for pure joy in comics form, run - don't walk - to your local comic shop to pick up a copy of the newly-released trade, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1: Squirrel Power.

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Clark Gregg Shares Thoughts on Female Characters and Agents of SHIELD Season 3

"They're scientists or soldiers, in addition to being people. And then, also, they're women." - Clark Gregg

In an interview with CBR, Clark Gregg opens up a bit about his view on how Marvel has been handling its portrayal of female characters. He also shared a bit on where Agent Coulson is now versus where he was when he first hit the MCU.

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Ex Machina‘s Ava and 6 More of Our Favorite A.I. and Robot Women

Ex Machina's a pretty compelling look at human interaction with artificial intelligence, and that's got more than a little to do with its AI protagonist, Ava. AI can help us ask tough questions about what it is to be human and have emotions, and with Alicia Vikander absolutely nailing her performance as Ava, we thought we'd take a fun look back at other AI women who made an impression on us.

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Oxenfree Feels Like Everything My Rebellious Teenage Self Wanted in a Game

Yeah, I was totally that cool kid who got invited to all the creepy island parties.

Not only does it look like it's equal parts Kentucky Route Zero, Night in the Woods, and Life is Strange, but it also captures that vibe of being a rebellious teenager and doing things you shouldn't be doing.

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