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Things We Saw Today: It’s #Inktober, So Your Social Media’s About to Explode With Awesome Drawings

Thanks to #Inktober, we'll all get to enjoy dozens of new drawings every day!

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These Fantastic Zelda Propaganda Posters Will Turn You Into a Hero of Hyrule

Just try and resist the spell of graphic artist Fernando Reza's gorgeous Legend of Zelda "propaganda." Designed to evoke old-fashioned wartime calls-to-action, you're sure to feel a patriotic rush to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon and rescue the Princess. I haven't felt this motivated in ages.

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What Would the Rumored Legend of Zelda Mobile Game Actually Be Like?

Nintendo is currently looking to beef up its mobile platform offerings with a Legend of Zelda mobile game, likely to hit shortly after they release their mobile version of Animal Crossing.

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Zelda Fans Are Torn Over Breath of the Wild’s Expansion Pass and DLC

Nintendo has been embracing modern gaming and technology in some great ways lately, but that are some innovations in pricing structures that gamers haven't exactly been thrilled with in recent years, and it seems Nintendo is embracing that part of the future, too.

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Things We Saw Today: The Cute Is Strong With Jedi Hamsters

The trash compactor scene from Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope has inspired many reactions in me, but never before "Aw, so adorable!" However, when the trash is a bed of shavings, and the rebel in peril is a hamster, everything changes.

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Stunning Legend of Zelda Fan Film Shows Majora’s Mask Villain’s Backstory

"Now that's a good look for you!"

Gather 'round for a happy holiday tale, kids! Just kidding—Majora's Mask was a surprisingly moody, dark entry in the Legend of Zelda franchise, and this animated fan short fits that tone magnificently.

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Nintendo Skips Virtual Reality With Very Real Legend of Zelda Escape Room Game

While everybody else is falling over themselves to make virtual reality the next big thing, Nintendo is taking things one step further. In partnership with SCRAP, they're creating an escape room game inspired by the Legend of Zelda franchise, where you'll be able to solve real-world puzzles with items from the iconic game series.

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Zelda x Ghibli Film Trailer Imagines the Perfect Miyazaki-style Legend of Zelda Movie

Prepare your feels, kids.

When artist Matt Vince combined the Legend of Zelda and Hayao Miyazaki to promote movie posters he made, he unleashed a heartbreakingly tender nostalgia bomb the likes of which the world has never seen.

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LoriAnn Costume Designs Shows You How to Sew Your Own Harley Quinn Apron

LoriAnn Costume Designs' LoriAnn Gerlisky has just revealed three new sets of patterns that she'll be shipping out through Simplicity next month, so for those of you with sewing machines and a craving to cook while wearing what Harley Quinn would, check out these new offerings!

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Five Things They’ll Add to Legend of Zelda Before They Add a Playable Female Character

A totally serious list. Totally.

After chugging enough coffee to see through time, I return to you now with a vision of the future and one massive caffeine headache.

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What’s Up With Monolith Soft’s Involvement in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Nintendo is a rare gaming hardware company in that the power of their brand is really in their stable of iconic gaming properties. While exclusives are still important to Xbox and PlayStation platforms, gamers who buy Nintendo consoles are often buying them on the promise of new Mario and Zelda (and other) games that they can't get anywhere else. That makes it increasingly important for Nintendo to get those games just right.

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Things We Saw Today: There’s a Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book In the Works (!?!?!?!?!)

AAAAAAAAA! The Lisa Frank Facebook page has announced that they'll be releasing an adult coloring book!

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Explanation for Lack of Female Hero in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Doesn’t Add Up

Eiji Aonuma, a producer at Nintendo, explained why the creative team didn't go with a female hero for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, saying that they didn't know what that might do to the story.

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Tune In to Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 Event Right Here

Our coverage of E3 2016 continues today with Nintendo Treehouse! Tune in right here live at 9am PST/12pm EST and watch with us!

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500 Dedicated Fans Will Get a Chance to Play the New Legend of Zelda Next Month

It's weird and disappointing that the new Wii U/NX Legend of Zelda will be Nintendo's only playable game at E3 this year, but at least the public will have a chance to get their hands on the title, too. So far, Nintendo's not involved in the "E3 Live" part of the trade show that will be open to the public, but they're holding their own special, hands-on fan demo for the title.

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Link Meets Hong Kong Action Flick in Imaginative Zelda Live Action Trailer

Live-Action Zelda Hong Kong Action Movie

It seems that the fine folks over at DaysideTV have taken The Legend of Zelda into some brand new territory. They went ahead and gave it a real Hard Boiled/Hong Kong-style action flick vibe, in the vein of old Chow Yun-fat and Jet Li martial arts films.

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Play the Original Legend of Zelda in 3D Pixel Art Glory in Your Browser

It's boring to go to work! Take this.

The Legend of Zelda is 30 years old this year, and Nintendo's not the only one celebrating. Fans are getting in on the action, too, with the latest example being a three dimensional reimagining of the franchise's first game from the NES. It's not just fin to look at the pixel art aesthetic, though; you can play it for yourself right in your web browser.

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Interview: Tony Smith, the Parent Behind the Gender-Neutral Patch for Link to the Past

We got to chat with Tony Smith, the creator of the gender-neutral patch for Link to the Past via e-mail about the whys and wherefores behind his project, storytelling, folklore, monomyths, and what else might be coming down the line for him and his work.

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Parent Hacks Gender Neutral Language Into Link to the Past

The person behind Echo Park Mac & PC Repair hacked the best Zelda game ever (Link to the Past) to change all the language to reflect a gender neutral protagonist.

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Nintendo Shows off What Your Amiibo Will Do in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

It's Amiibo!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is getting an HD remake on the Wii U on March 4, and with it, we'll get a Wolf Link Amiibo, but that's not the only Amiibo that'll interact with the game. Here's a helpful video from Nintendo detailing what each Amiibo will help you with in the HD update, including some typical scumbaggery from Ganondorf.

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