Hailey Welch answers a question in the viral Hawk Tuah Girl video
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Why Are People Reacting So Strongly to the ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’?

For days, the internet has been captivated by the “Hawk Tuah Girl” from a viral TikTok video. With rumors of job firings over the video and many divided reactions, the video has become the internet’s new Roman empire.

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Like many viral videos, the Hawk Tuah Girl’s unexpected virality will confound many viewers. The video originated with Tim & Dee TV, a Tennessee-based channel known for conducting street interviews. On June 16, the channel uploaded a video where the interviewer asked a woman, “What is one move in bed that makes a man go crazy.” Without hesitation, the woman responded, “Oh, you gotta give it that ‘hawk tuah.’ Spit on that thang. You get me?” She concluded her statement with an infectious laugh, as the interviewer chuckled and her friend covered her mouth in shock at the bold response.

It didn’t take long for viewers to dub her the “Hawk Tuah Girl” and begin circulating the video on social media. The video garnered so much attention that even ten days after it was originally published, everyone’s FYPs on TikTok were still filled with reactions and memes to the video. The Hawk Tuah Girl has even made headlines at several major news outlets. She also seems to have already surpassed the Four Seasons Orlando Baby in fame. Here’s what you need to know about the Hawk Tuah Girl.

Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl?

There has been some confusion about Hawk Tuah Girl’s identity, especially because of a fake report that labeled her “Hailey Wellington.” Additionally, supposed Instagram accounts of the Hawk Tuah Girl have cropped up, which list her name as Hailey Welch, with bios that describe her as a Tennessee resident and bartender. However, none of these accounts have been verified, raising suspicion that they are not legitimate. Most social media users and news outlets appear confident that Welch is her real name. Still, this can’t be confirmed until an account or interview arises in which she proves her identity.

Although she has kept her identity private, she definitely knows about her viral status and is taking advantage of it as she partnered with Tim & Dee TV to release Hawk Tuah Girl merch.

Was the Hawk Tuah Girl fired from her job?

One of the reasons the Hawk Tuah Girl received so much attention is because of a widely circulated fake news report claiming she was a preschool teacher and had been fired over the video. Shortly after the video went viral, the satire Facebook page Tippah County Tribune published a post claiming the Hawk Tuah Girl had been forced to resign from her job. There were many hints the post was fake, as the preschool Epstein Day School doesn’t seem to exist, and the post included a ridiculous statement from the school’s director claiming that students were spitting on each other because of the video and it was getting out of hand.

However, some simply took the rumor that Hawk Tuah Girl was fired and ran with it. Many genuine indignant posts surfaced on Facebook and TikTok, slamming the school’s alleged decision to fire the woman. Although they were reacting to false rumors, the way that social media users instantly came to her defense was refreshing. 

It was also indicative of how women fear losing their jobs for doing completely normal things like having a girls’ night out or making a vulgar joke when they’re off the clock. Women are held to such high standards that going out for a drink or talking about sex could be considered “taboo” or “unprofessional,” although it would garner less attention if a man did it.

Additionally, the incident raised the question of whether it’s fair for someone to be punished or judged for going viral when the matter is completely out of their control.


Can you lose your job for something that you post on social media? ? #foryou #fired #hawktuah

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While the reports of Hawk Tuah Girl’s firing are fake, one person allegedly did face repercussions for partaking in the trend. JD Motorsports Tire Specialist Robert Dorman revealed he was kicked off the company’s social media page after posting a Hawk Tuah Girl meme.

Initially, many mistook the situation as Dorman being fired. However, JD Motorsports team owner Johnny Davis later clarified that Dorman was still employed as a Tire Specialist and simply had his social media privileges revoked because the NSFW meme didn’t meet the company’s “standards and beliefs.”

The alleged firings reiterate how the Hawk Tuah Girl’s virality is a bit complicated because of its slightly NSFW nature.

Are people overreacting to the Hawk Tuah Girl?

Some of the intrigue around the Hawk Tuah Girl is understandable, given that she gives strong “the life of the party” vibes and seems to have a very good-natured and funny personality. However, there have been some oddly strong reactions to the video.

On the one hand, there has been backlash over the video, mostly with people expressing anger that she went viral. A Redditor claimed that we live in an “idiocracy” for making the woman viral, while the misogynistic Howard Stern claimed the adult woman is “every father’s worst nightmare.”


And the chik fil a girl too like hahha so funny ? #hawktuah

♬ real. – wzrse

What’s unusual about Hawk Tuah Girl is that the positive reactions almost seem to be getting out of hand, too. People are posting photos and videos of Hawk Tuah Girl tattoos (which may or may not be real) and describing her as the “perfect girl” or the ideal woman. While many of the “perfect girl” and “dream girl” takes are jokes, some of them do seem a bit serious in insinuating she’s the ideal woman.

One can’t help but notice a bit of sexism behind the reactions on both ends of the spectrum. Whether they’re overly critical or overly admiring, the most extreme reactions are based on this belief that a woman talking about sex is so taboo and so unheard of that the Hawk Tuah Girl making an NSFW joke is somehow the best or worst thing the internet has ever seen.

Again, the woman is funny and confident, and she should enjoy her moment of fame without any repercussions. However, the numerous reactions of, “She’s never going to find a job again,” “She’s her dad’s worst nightmare,” and “She’s the epitome of a perfect woman” are a bit much. Whether a woman does or doesn’t talk or joke openly about sex really shouldn’t be that significant.

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