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Facebook Wants Instagram to Be Vine Now or Something, Announces Video Capability

It's like PS4 vs. Xbox One all over again, except nobody cares.

Facebook seems pretty eager to get its little blue and white thumbs into every Internet pie, as evidenced by their buyout of Instagram two years ago. While it seems like they’re not as interested in acquiring other companies right now, they definitely have no problem trying to move in on other people’s turf by introducing their own versions of what they do. So now Instagram has announced that they’re going to attempt the type of video publishing that’s made Vine a, well, thing. Or whatever.

The video above, which was posted to Vimeo a few hours ago — that’s how you know that they’re trying to appeal to the pretentious artistic crowd, shows you the basics of the new app additions will look like. My Instagram photos never look that good, but maybe that just means I’m not as unique and interesting as these people are or something.

Instagram videos will begin playing automatically but will not loop as Vines do, which seems like a bit of an oversight because it usually takes me three or four loops to really get what’s happening in those six-second vids. However, it will  let you record up to 15 seconds for maximum levels of artiness.  It will, of course, also have filters, as well as an auto-stabilization system that’s apparently “mind-blowing,” according  to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. Mind-blowing? Really, Kevin?

Despite the auto-stabilize feature not working on anything but the iPhone 4S or 5, Vinestagram might actually end up being better for those on the Android who are frustrated with the load times on their Vine app. Personally, though, I’m too burnt out on the console wars to care much about phone apps trying to compete with one another. This takes video, that takes video, rinse and repeat. As long as it’s free to download, I guess.

(via The Verge, image via Instagram)

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