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Instagram Gets Even More Social, Updates With Tagging Feature


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Instagram rolled out an update today that finally allows users to tag one another in photos. The update is available now for both iOS and Android platforms. Before everyone gets all crazy about privacy concerns, don’t worry, there’s a grace period where you can opt out of being tagged. There’s also a twee pizza party video outlining the new feature.

You can now tag photos as you upload them or go back and tag people in old Instagrams by selecting “Add People” in the app. Anyone who’s worried about being tagged in unflattering pictures can change their settings so nothing appears with their name unless they approve it.

Tagged photos will appear in a section called “Photos of You,” and we all have until May 16th to get used to it before the section is made viewable to others.

Any questions about how Photos of You works, or how much fun pizza parties are, can be answered by this video released with the announcement:

(via Instagram, image via My Instagram)

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