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This Woman Takes Selfies With the Men Who Catcall Her

It's both badass & disturbing.

The project is meant to shine a light on the prevalence of street harassment since, as she wrote in her inaugural post, "many people still don't know how often and in whatever context 'catcalling' happens." Jansma posted 24 pictures in one month, and that's not even all the men who harassed her. She says there were other men who either got away too fast or made her feel too unsafe to ask for a selfie.

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Woman Attacked by Louise Linton on Instagram Responds With Wisdom & “Hunanity,” Just as Linton Suggested

In her Instagram rant, Louise Linton suggested Jennifer Miller write "a nice message, one filled with wisdom and hunanity (sic) ..." She probably wasn't expecting Miller to do exactly that.

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Louise Linton, Wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Should Probably Not Try to Do Words Anymore

I would say the internet never forgets, but let's be honest. Louise Linton is entirely forgettable.

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UVA Alumnus Sasheer Zamata Reflects on Charlottesville: “The Confederacy Didn’t Win and Neither Will They”

In an Instagram slide show, Zamata writes both fondly and candidly about her years at UVA.

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Freak Domestic Accident Kills Popular Lifestyle Blogger

Rebecca Burger, a French fitness blogger and Instagram star, died after a whipped cream dispenser exploded at her home. Her family is calling the incident "a domestic accident."

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We Know You Were Waiting for Obama’s Photographer Pete Souza to Respond to That Tasteless Mocking of Hillary Clinton’s Portrait

Nailed it.

Barack Obama's official photographer Pete Souza is an expert at throwing shade through strategic repostings of his own images on Instagram. Obviously, he had the perfect comeback for Trump's entourage's disrespect of Hillary Clinton.

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Obama’s White House Photographer Is Still Trolling Trump on Instagram: ‘Conway’s Microwave Spies’ Edition

The call is coming from inside the microwave!

If you're not following Pete Souza on Instagram, you're missing some of the very best political shade out there.

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Obama’s White House Photographer Is Throwing a Ton of Not-So-Subtle Shade at Trump on Instagram

Pete Souza was the official White House photographer under Barack Obama (as well as Ronald Reagan), and his Instagram has been a real sight to see lately.

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“Keep Dreaming”: Riz Ahmed Shares Star Wars Drawings He Made as a 7-Year-Old

"None of this felt real," Ahmed writes, "Now I'm back home I just saw these pictures I drew at age 7 of Darth Vader & Luke."

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Instagram Account Reveals Ridiculousness of Nipple Ban With Gender-Ambiguous Nipple Pictures

It's very revealing indeed.

Society's got a lot of weird body and wardrobe hangups, most often centered around women and what they are/are not "allowed" to do with their bodies because of the funny feelings other people may feel—since we're all responsible for what other people think of us, right? Instagram, being a site for posting pictures, has been continually dealing with the incongruity of these societal rules in deciding what content is acceptable, and a new account is challenging these norms head-on.

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Lupita Nyong’o Celebrates 3 Million Followers With a Rap Because She Wasn’t Already Perfect Enough

Lupita Nyong'o celebrated hitting 3 million followers on Instagram yesterday by channeling her alter ego "Troublemaker" and casually rapping about her impressive list of achievements.

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Daisy Ridley Happy With Not Having the “Extra Pressure” of Social Media

"It's actually been kind of nice not to be on it."

Daisy Ridley spoke up about leaving Instagram at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles, revealing she "felt a pressure being on it."

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How to Use Instagram’s Powerful New Comment Filter Option to Shut Down the Harassment and Negativity

If you've posted something publicly on the Internet, chances are you've had someone say nasty things to you about it, yourself personally, or anything under the Sun, really. (Hint: Comments, even ones containing criticism, don't need to be mean!) Instagram has now released a comment filter to all users, so here's quick primer on keeping nasty comments at bay.

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Science Says, If You Like Instagram’s ‘Inkwell’ Filter, You Might Have Depression

Can you tell whether someone has depression just from looking at their social media accounts? According to scientists from Harvard University and the University of Vermont, there are some telltale patterns.

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A Moana Song, “Gaston,” and More: Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Disney Instagram Takeover

Lin-Manuel Miranda took over the Disney Animation Instagram over the weekend, filling it with a copious amount of Disney song covers, geeking out about Disney legends, and a lot of love for his co-workers.

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Internet Trolls Chase Daisy Ridley off Instagram, Forgetting That Celebrities Are Actually People

In "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" News, Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Daisy Ridley, light in the social media darkness, has left Instagram. Why? Because a certain subset of vocal "fans" couldn't deal with her getting even remotely "political."

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Instagram Updates Its Anti-Harassment Tools—But Only for “High-Profile Accounts” (So Far, Anyway)

Instagram recently implemented some methods for curtailing online abuse in comment threads on posts. So far, though, the methods are only available to business pages and "high-profile accounts."

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Tessa Thompson Teases a Glimpse of Valkyrie’s Sword in Thor: Ragnarok

Hail Valkyrie!

While we haven't seen Tessa in action as Valkyrie yet, this is likely just the beginning of her shared adventures from the set. And hey, lots of laughing and sword-fighting? I get the impression that Thor himself wouldn't have it any other way.

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Instagram Introduces New Comment Moderation Options for Business Pages

Just as Twitter allows their "Verified" users to introduce some rudimentary filtering systems for the notifications column, so too has Instagram put together a similar idea. Luckily, you don't need to have a Verified Badge on Instagram in order to use it, but you do need to be identified as a "Business Page."

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The IT Crowd‘s Richard Ayoade Directed Radiohead’s Latest Music Minivideo

Richard Ayoade, who many fans are already familiar with from his turns on The IT Crowd and The Big Fat Quiz Show, has also been spending some time behind the camera lately--he directed Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska in The Double, a film he also wrote, and now he's directed this latest clip for Radiohead, set to their song "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief".

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