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[VIDEO]: Anne Hathaway and Director Nacho Vigalondo Talk Colossal As Hathaway Becomes a TMS Fan!

I've already told you about how awesome the film Colossal is, and if you have a chance to see it this weekend, you really, really should. Now, in an exclusive interview for TMS, you can check out my conversation with the talented Anne Hathaway and the film's writer/director, Nacho Vigalondo, about this truly unique film in the video after the jump!

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[VIDEO] WGA Awards Attendees Speak Out on Donald Trump

Sunday night's Writers Guild Awards weren't just about movies and television.

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[VIDEO] TMS Visits Uprise/Angry Women to See How 80 Female Artists Are Fighting Back

We went to Untitled Space in downtown Manhattan to see Uprise/Angry Women, an exhibition with the works of 80 female artists who turned their anger and frustrations in this political moment into sculptures, paintings, and other works of art.

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MTV Had Some New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for White Guys & Shocker, a Lot of White Guys Are Super Pissed

Auld Lang Sigh.

Most of us would find it obvious that this video is 1. Humor. And 2. Not an actual attempt to lump every existing white male into a monolith that has, in every way imaginable, caused the downfall of society over the last 12 months. Right? We're safe in assuming both of those things are true? Oh, how naive we are.

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Back To The Future and Westworld are Meant To Be Mashed Up

This is a video mashup that I never would've thought of myself, but I'm incredibly glad someone else did. That someone is comedian and writer Todd Spence, and his video "Back to the Westworld" visits the concept of what would happen if the worlds of Back to the Future Part 3 and HBO's Westworld somehow merged--and I've got to admit, this is a crossover I really want to see.

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[VIDEO] The Cast of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious on Subverting TV Rape Tropes and Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

"It is about switching the dialogue."

In just a few weeks, MTV adds a new show to its lineup that has me pretty excited. Sweet/Vicious is the story of two young women seeking out justice for sexual assault survivors on their college campus.

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[VIDEO]: Anita Sarkeesian Talks Bob’s Burgers, Feminist Frequency, and the Importance of Safe Geek Spaces

While still small when compared to cons like SDCC, in the past few years GeekGirlCon has gone from 2,500 attendees to over 11,000, which goes to show that this Seattle convention has become increasingly worth our time and attention. Another organization that has grown immensely in the past few years? Feminist Frequency, which has gone from labor of love started by Anita Sarkeesian on her own in her apartment to fully-fledged non-profit with a staff and several video projects in the works.

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[VIDEO] Don’t Call It a Comeback: Defending Reboots and Remakes

With reboots and remakes of long-running franchises and already existing, successful projects making up a significant number of films and TV shows released within the past few years, there's been some well-deserved complaints among fans who want Hollywood to take more chances on original stories. But, what do we mean when we say "original?"

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[VIDEO] On Gabrielle Union and White Allies Educating Themselves on Issues of Race

Last week, I wrote a post about Gabrielle Union, and how she wanted to reach out to Hollywood peers like Amy Schumer and Kate Upton to have a frank discussion about their public missteps regarding race. In the above video, I go a little further with the idea that white allies should do their best to educate themselves before expecting help from people of color and suggest some tiny things they can do to do so while also caring for the people of color in their lives.

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[VIDEO] From Indie to Blockbuster: Lumberjanes Director, Emily Carmichael

It's a new video series, y'all!

Our first From Indie to Blockbuster video will help you get to know Pacific Rim 2 co-writer and director of the upcoming Lumberjanes film, Emily Carmichael, a whole lot better.

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[VIDEO] TMS Boldly Visited the Paley Center for Media to Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Paintings, toys and interviews! Oh my!

To commemorate Star Trek's 50th anniversary, the Paley Center for Media reached out to 50 artists representing 10 different countries to put their original works on display at its New York location.

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[VIDEO] TMS Breaks Down The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Oh, dear friends, the day has finally arrived. We have the Rogue One trailer in our grubby little paws, and you know what that means: it’s time for ridiculous overanalyzing and speculation! Huzzah.

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[VIDEO] TMS Breaks Down the Captain America: Civil War Trailer


Yeah, yeah, there was another trailer released before this, but this one is the real deal. This is the one that's gonna get your geek juices percolating. (Eew.) This is the one that has our first glimpse of a major new player in the MCU. It's the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

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[VIDEO] Will These Questions Be Answered Before The End of the X-Files Revival?

I still have some, and we only have three episodes left.

We've seen three out of the promised six episodes so far in the miniseries, and it's hard to conceive of all the story that creator Chris Carter and crew will manage to fit into those three remaining hours. Given what we know so far, there are a few things I'm hoping we'll get some closure on before the last episode wraps up.

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New Dragon Ball Super‘s Intro Brings Back All Our Old Favorites, Plus Gratuitous Power-Ups!

*Three episodes later*

Aw yeah.

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#LoveWon! Celebrate With Us and a Few of Our Favorite LGBTQ Heroes

Come on, who doesn't like dancing? We'll be over here galumphing in the corner.

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Serious 1981 News Report About the Internet Is High Comedy 33 Years Later

It's a series of neon tubes!

Ahhh, the '80s. Neon, power ballads, and the Internet. Oh, you don't remember the Internet from the '80s? Get learnt about this here newfangled contraption by taking a trip through time with a vintage tech news segment. Look at those two guys manually typing printed news stories into computers. One day, someone just like them will type the words "you won't believe" in a headline, and their whole industry will be revolutionized.

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Clever Animation Lampoons Taboo Spoilers In Different Fandoms

As a Firefly late bloomer, I owe you, Internet.

We here at The Mary Sue have a lot of opinions about spoilers, as does the rest of nerd-dom, obviously. In her new animation Leigh Lahav depicts the egregious sin of spoiling a beloved geeky entity for one's friends—a transgression second only to insulting another's ship.

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Christopher Walken In Direct-To-VCR ’80s Puss In Boots Musical Is All I’ve Ever Wanted From the Internet

All closet skeletons should have such facial hair.

I'm sure many of you already knew about the direct-to-VCR 1988 Puss in Boots musical starring Sean Connery's son Jason and a young Christopher Walken as a giant mustachioed cat-man.

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This Is Your Brain on Coffee: How Coffee Affects Your Brain and Body

I like my brain like I like my coffee: full of caffeine.

You know how coffee makes you feel. Depending on your necessary intake level, that's anywhere from "awake and alert" to "like a functioning adult human being." But what does the caffeine physically do to your brain and body to generate that feeling? This video from AsapSCIENCE will explain the science behind your brain fuel.

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