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Hater Dating App Helps You Find Common Ground in the Things You Really Hate

A dating app for the rest of us.

In a world full of Tinder, OkCupid, and more, we now have Hater, a dating app that matches people based on the things they (you guessed it) hate. (My aesthetic.)

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Inevitably, WhatsApp Is Starting to Share Some User Data With Facebook, but You Can (Partially) Opt Out

WhatsApp has a thing for privacy. The contents of the messages you send to other users on the chat platform are encrypted end-to-end, meaning they can't be read by anyone who intercepts them—even WhatsApp. However, they do know things about you and your messages that aren't directly related to the specific words you typed, and they're going to let Facebook in on that data.

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These Musicians Filtered Their Whole Music Video Through the Prisma App

And it looks really cool.

Drive Like Maria ran their entire music video through the Prisma photo editor, which is a lot trickier to do than it sounds.

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Things We Saw Today: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Live-Action Pokémon Movie Coming From Legendary

We've been talking about it since the spring, but it seems that now a Pokémon live-action film is actually coming, with Legendary Entertainment having won the bidding war for the rights.

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Black Geek Writes About How His Experience of Pokémon GO Is Affected By Race

Since its recent debut, Pokémon GO has given geeks all over a much-needed form of escapism. As the world has gotten more and more violent, people have taken to the streets trying to catch as many Pokémon as possible, if only to take their minds off the world's ills for a little while. However, black geeks are forced to feel mixed feelings even about their chosen forms of escapism.

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Wake up with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with His New App

The app, appropriately titled "The Rock Clock," is "motivational alarm clock" that's the second project for Project Rock

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New Chrome Extension Helps Women Stop Apologizing and Be More Direct in Emails

I know I do it all the time: "I'm just writing to say..." or "Sorry to bug you, but..." or "This would be the best way to handle it, I think." Women have a tendency to pad their opinions with qualifiers designed to make them seem "less pushy," but which also minimize what they have to say and take away their power. Now, a new Chrome extension has been designed to help fight this gendered tick.

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The “Peeple” App, Referred To As “Yelp For People,” Sounds Like A Bad Dream

Or a rerun of a Community episode.

Imagine an app in which you can write reviews about people that you know, and they can't ever opt out of it. Sounds like that one Community episode about the MeowMeowBeenz app, right? Unfortunately, it's also a real app in development now called Peeple, made by Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray.

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Apple “Looking at” Letting iPhone Users Delete Default Apps

"We want you to be happy."

"I'm so glad I have this handy-dandy Stocks app on my phone!" -No one, ever.

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Companion App Allows Users’ Friends to Remotely Walk Them Home at Night

Safety tech for women is always controversial. Although it's reassuring for me personally in the short term to carry pepper spray or other precautions, it's also frustrating to see tech that places more responsibility for sexual assault prevention on women rather than on addressing the culture that encourages sexual assault to occur in the first place.

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“Make Your Voice Heard and Don’t Hold Back”: An Interview with Period App Pioneer and Clue CEO Ida Tin

Ida Tin is the founder of Clue, a period and ovulation tracker that helps users monitor their cycle and better understand their own bodies. In an email interview, Tin took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about being a woman in tech, taking charge of one's own health, and the benefits of using an app like Clue.

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Anti-Bullying App STOP!T Allows For Anonymous Reporting

Bullies beware!

Bullies. No matter where you go, they seem to be there. School, work, even the military. And they can do some pretty harmful damage. But now that's about to change. There's an app that lets you report bullies anonymously and it's about to kick some bully butt.

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What Did The Doctor Say? Medical Instagram App Helps With Diagnoses

It's just a flesh wound.

What if you could get a professional opinion about that case of the chicken pox via Instagram or Snapchat? Well, some doctors in Texas are doing just that.

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New App Uses Smartphone Cameras To Connect Blind Users to Sighted Volunteers

Imagine this: you are blind and you're trying to cook marinara sauce alone in your apartment. You have two cans in your kitchen cabinet, and you know one is crushed tomatoes—but the other is pie filling, which would taste terrible on pasta. Normally this would be a huge annoyance, but with Be My Eyes, all you have to do point your cellphone camera at the cans and somebody will tell you whether it's the one on the left or right. Problem solved!

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Walgreens Makes Period-Tracking App Since Apple Didn’t Bother

You know how Apple's Health app can give you your "whole health picture" except it refuses to track your period, because ewww cooties??? Fortunately for those of us who menstruate, Walgreens and Glow - a data science company for women's reproductive health and education - have partnered to create an app that can help you track your sadface days and refill your birth control prescription.

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Invisible Girlfriend App Helps Users Hide Significant Others from Orcs Fake Romantic Relationships

I'd prefer my partners to have Alex Mack goo powers, but ok.

Although the phrase "invisible girlfriend" carries some scary implications, I'm surprisingly okay with Invisible Girlfriend (or Boyfriend!), an app that launched yesterday just in time for one of the most potentially awkward days of the year for singles. Sure, the premise is a little weird, but no more weird than society's ferocious insistence that everyone find one partner with which to unite their souls for all of time, right?

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Finally They’re Opening Up the Gates: Unlicensed Frozen App Anna Giving Birth Is Exactly What it Sounds Like

C-sections are hard to animate.

Love is an open abdomen!

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GoldieBlox’s First App Will Teach Kids About the Magic Of… Gif-Making?

Yeah ok.

Y'all should be aware that I'm a big fan of movies, gifs, and girls learning about science (specifically, in this case, the science of early motion pictures and the zoopraxiscope). But my favorite thing about the trailer for GoldieBlox's first app has to be the little girl version of the trailer guy voice they have going.

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Teen Siblings Inspired by Ferguson Conflict Design Ratings App to Monitor Police Performance

0/5 stars. Would not get arrested by again.

Issues surrounding police brutality and transparency have a way of cropping up over and over again in the form of tragedy, unfortunately. So a few teen siblings with a background in app coding have decided to help find a solution with their police rating app, Five-O.

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Tom Hanks’ App Wants to Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter, and It’s Dominating the App Store

Yes. That Tom Hanks.

Hanx Writer is an app that turns your iPad into a typewriter, or at least it gives you the feel of using one. The app is free, but offers in-app purchases to unlock different typewriter skins. Are there really that many iPad users with fond memories of old typewriters? Apparently so. Hanx Writer is sitting at the top of the App Store after its first week.

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